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Belstaff debuts Made in Japan sunglass line

Belstaff's debut eyewear collection


British apparel brand Belstaff is continuing its tradition of quality and innovation with the launch of its first eyewear collection.

Belstaff introduced its eyewear line to consumers through a dedicated email that tells a bit about the frames and features a GIF displaying styles for men and women. The eyewear category is extremely popular for luxury brands, as the accessible price point opens up a brand to a wider audience and enables self expression.

Codes and frames
While many eyewear collections are designed and manufactured by Italian companies, Belstaff went with a Japanese producer instead.

Belstaff’s eyewear collection is handmade in Japan using materials such as lightweight Japanese beta titanium. The collection also offers wearers 100 percent protection from harmful UV light through its use of premium German-made Zeiss lenses.

The 11 frames in Belstaff’s debut eyewear collection all draw inspiration from the brand’s hand waxed leather jackets and vintage style. For example, the Daytona Aviator sunglasses design includes a clip-on Belstaff leather cover in light brown.

Styles range in price from 265 to 420 pounds, or $343 to $544 at current exchange rates. Belstaff will sell the collection both in-store and online.

Belstaff's debut eyewear collection is unisex 

In 2015, Belstaff collaborated with Japanese eyewear brand Native Sons on an aviator style, The Thompson, limited to 70 pieces and presented in a soft leather case.

Belstaff's leather is an underlying element of much of the brand's communications and product development.

For example, Belstaff touted the physically and psychologically protective properties of its leather jackets in a digital campaign.

#SecondSkin positioned the outerwear as a shield against everything from risk taking to daily life with the help of adventurous ambassadors. This effort spoke more to function than fashion, marketing to adventure seekers who also happen to have an affection for aesthetics (see story).