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Bentley adapts to evolving behavior, but keeps luxury experience

Bentley's on-demand mobility service


British automaker Bentley is working to fill its customers’ needs beyond purchasing vehicles with a new innovative piece of technology.

The automaker will be sharing a new concierge feature on its application that will allow Bentley to pursue endeavors in rental services. Only available to current Bentley owners, the app allows users to request a vehicle on-demand for temporary occasions.

“Bentley on Demand sounds great in theory, but a program like this is about meeting or exceeding expectations, and having been involved in marketing and sales of new Bentleys myself, I assure you the buyers have very high expectations,” said Bob Prosser, president and creative director of Auto World Marketing, Carlsbad, CA.

Mr. Prosser is not affiliated with Bentley but agreed to comment as an industry expert. Bentley was reached for comment.

Building on Bentley
While car rental has a representation that relatively strays away from luxury, Bentley’s strategy allows the brand to enter the rental market while keeping its high standards.

Bentley on demand, the brand’s new program, will allow those on the Bentley Network app to call a vehicle for a certain period of time.

Bentley delivers temporary vehicles on demand

Users can request a vehicle while on a vacation or for a special occasion, for example. The idea is to provide current Bentley owners with an array of options beyond purchasing a new vehicle for temporary events.

Customers can browse the app, after validating their credentials, to find available Bentleys to rent. After confirming, users will receive two reminders in regards to the vehicle, an hour prior to pickup and upon arrival.

The Bentley will be delivered to a location convenient to the user, driven by a concierge. The concierge will then walk the customer through the vehicle’s various features.

Bentley's mobile app with the on demand feature

When the allotted time for the reservation has completed, the Bentley concierge will come to the driver, again at a location convenient to them.

Luxury and innovation
Bentley Motors also recently made headway within luxury automotive lifestyles through an on-demand gas delivery service.

While other luxury vehicle manufacturers are focusing on being the leader in technology, competing for autonomous capability, Bentley is focusing on making everyday tasks for the consumer more upscale. Bentley owners were able to enroll in a program with gas delivery service Filld, operated through a mobile app that automatically delivers gas when needed (see more).

German automaker Audi also recently upped its investment in car rental service by diving further into Silvercar as it looks to further innovate mobility for changing consumer needs.

Building on an existing relationship that dates back to 2012, Audi acquired the Austin, TX-based tech company that focuses on vehicle sharing. With renting and sharing replacing car ownership for many consumers, automakers are turning to alternative mobility developments to remain a part of consumers’ daily lives (see more).

“The approach to this buying demographic is very ‘high-touch,’” Auto World Marketing's Mr. Prosser said. “That said, it appears to me that this is a fairly new innovative way to allow a prospect a private test drive of the latest offerings from Crewe.

“I am sure there is a soft sell call-to-action that comes sometime later,” he said. “I like it.”