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Black Tomato experience offers once-in-a-lifetime accommodations

Black Tomato's Blink in Bolivia sees customers staying in the desert of Salar de Uyuni. Image credit: Black Tomato


Bespoke travel company Black Tomato is unveiling a new addition to its Blink project that gives customers completely unique, customized travel experiences that are designed and created specifically for them.

Blink ensures every customer gets an individualized travel experience by dismantling and putting aside accommodations after a guest's trip is over. The latest addition to Black Tomato’s Blink project is Blink in Bolivia, available for a very short time and to only a few high-net-worth customers.

Bolivian adventure
With Blink in Bolivia, Black Tomato is giving customers an incredibly one-of-a-kind experience.

For the limited few that are able to buy the package, they will be brought into a volcanic natural reserve in Bolivia. There, customers will stay in temporary accommodations designed and produced by Black Tomato, which will be taken apart and removed after the customer leaves.

In this way, Black Tomato ensures that the experience is totally unique and that no one will ever stay in the same place in the same accommodations again.

Black Tomato's dome camp. Image credit: Black Tomato

Customers will be able to watch the sunrise over the desert in Salar de Uyuni in dome-like luxury camping tents, an experience that no one else will be able to share unless they are also part of the exact same trip.

Black Tomato also encourages customers to use the accommodations as a jumping off point to explore more places, including nearby capital La Paz and neighboring Latin American countries.

Blink in Bolivia is meant to be a slightly more accessible version of Blink, with accommodations that are already designed and placed, unlike Blink in which every aspect of the trip is customized.

One of a kind
Black Tomato is leaning heavily into the idea of exclusivity to sell its packages.

Not only are these trips beautiful and exciting, part of the appeal is that no one has ever stayed quite in this exact place and had the same experiences, nor will they again once Blink in Bolivia closes.

Late last year, Black Tomato helped affluent consumers get away from it all with a service that provides travel with a touch of the unknown.

Travelers who participate in the agency’s Get Lost program will not know where they are venturing until they arrive at their destination, requiring them to give up a level of control over their travel plans. Offering a taste of adventure and disconnection, the service revolves around remote points on the map, allowing a vacation to be a holistic physical and mental journey (see story).

Black Tomato's Salar de Uyuni accommodations. Image credit: Black Tomato

But Black Tomato is not without competition in one-off trips. Online travel portal Booking.com is challenging luxury hospitality brands for their affluent customers through a series of new itineraries that caters to consumers' growing desire for rare experiences.

High-net-worth travelers, especially millennials, value unique trips that most have not experienced over amenities today. Due to their significantly larger spend ratio while traveling, it is vital for travel brands to attract the affluent (see story).

Black Tomato’s strength lies in its ability to provide truly unique experiences, the exclusive kind that luxury consumers desire.