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Call for speakers: LuxeCX: Customer Experience in Luxury

Gucci is often lauded for delivered an engaging and uniform customer experience across stores, online and mobile. Seen: Gucci's summer 2019 campaign. Image credit: Gucci Gucci is often lauded for delivering an engaging and uniform customer experience across stores, online and mobile. Seen: Gucci's summer 2019 campaign. Image credit: Gucci


Luxury Daily is inviting speaker submissions for LuxeCX, the publication’s newest conference Sept. 25 in New York that is focused on customer experience in the luxury business.

Customers and prospects now routinely rank CX as one of the top reasons to do business with the brand. Given these heightened expectations of customer experience – not to be confused with customer service, which is but one component of it – what should marketers do?

That is the focus of LuxeCX, a new conference from Luxury Daily and sister brand American Marketer that will feature research on CX, ownership to rental and participation models, role of data, artificial intelligence and technology, CX design online and in-store, the battle between personalization and privacy, attributing and measuring CX, customer experience in a world of screen and voice search, and brand case studies.

The daylong conference on Wednesday, Sept. 25 in New York at the UBS Building on 1285 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10019 will comprise keynotes, panels and fireside chats. The event will start at 7:30 a.m. and wrap at 5:30 p.m. Breakfast, lunch and refreshments will be served.

Styled as an executive summit, the event is expected to attract an estimated 100 to 125 senior executives from brands, retailers, agencies and consultancies.

Like all conferences organized by Luxury Daily and American Marketer, this event’s attendees are expected to be decision-makers who set strategy and budgets within their organizations. They want to learn not just the what, why, where and when, but also the how – and how much. They want to network and meet with the speakers and attendees and talk shop in a safe environment.

Speakers will be recruited from the ranks of brands, retailers, agencies and market researchers. An estimated 20 to 25 speakers will feature on the program. Speakers pick up their own travel and accommodation costs.

Please send all speaker nominations by Monday, June 10 to events@napean.com with a reason why that executive is a fit for one of the sessions listed below. Sponsorship queries should be sent to ads@napean.com.

Fixed topics for LuxeCX:

State of Customer Experience

A lay of the land with data, insights and best practice

Speaker: David Truog, vice president and research director, Forrester

How to Drive a Successful Customer Experience Transformation

The importance of emotions in delivering a good customer experience cannot be underestimated. Defining the emotional intention is key, as are looking at key performance indicators (KPIs) and measuring what matters

Speakers: Christophe Caïs, CEO, Customer Experience Group


How We Do It

Big brand shares its organization-wide approach to customer experience

From ideation and creation to implementation, execution and measurement, how does the brand deploy CX and imbed its DNA within consumer-facing employees?

Speaker: Brand

New Models: From One-Time Ownership to Subscriptions and Rentals

The slow-but-steady shift from outright purchase to recurring transactions requires new investment in relationship building. What does this mean for upsells, cross-sells and lifetime value?

Speakers: Brand, agency, platform

Fireside chats

Brands share how they deliver their CX experiences

Speakers: Martin Shanker, CEO, Shanker Inc.


In conversation with Mickey Alam Khan, editor in chief, Luxury Daily and American Marketer

CX Design: In-Store, Live, Online and Mobile

How to ensure effective – and seamless – customer experience across all channels, including in-store, on-site, online and via mobile? How to nail down the quality of CX delivery across all touch points?

Speakers: CX designer, brand, agency, consultant

Data, Technology and AI: Collection, Implementation, Analysis and Measurement

Unprecedented amounts of data are being collected daily on customers with the aid of technology and artificial intelligence. How to make sense of it all, and not forget the human element of customer experience?

Speakers: Brand, vendor, consultant, agency

From B to C to Me to B: Optimization of Privacy and Personalization

Customers desire deep personalized experiences but feel creeped-out when marketers know everything about them, intercepting at every online and offline channel touch points to seek their attention. All-extracting technology and AI bring out fears of a dystopian future, but what is the line they should not cross? Also, critical innovations are beginning to emerge, and merge, that will put consumers and their respective trusted expert advisors back in the driver’s seat of commerce. Brands beware: the future is full of paradox.

Speakers: Milton Pedraza, CEO, Luxury Institute 


Moderator: Katherine Sousa, senior consultant, Luxury Institute

Learning from the Best: What the Other Side Has to Teach About CX

A discussion on Disney, Starbucks, Restoration Hardware, Nike, Netflix, Uber and WeWork, focusing on their approach to customer experience.

Speakers: Brands, expert, commentator

Led by Mickey Alam Khan, editor in chief, Luxury Daily and American Marketer

Please send speaker nominations and why that particular executive is a fit for the session to events@napean.com. Sponsorships questions go to ads@napean.com