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Forevermark embodies the spirit of possibility with diamond collection

The Forevermark Avaanti “First Ripple” campaign. Image courtesy of Forevermark


De Beers Group’s diamond brand Forevermark has launched its latest jewelry collection Avaanti, hoping to inspire consumers to realize their strength and potential every day.

Each piece in the Forevermark Avaanti collection sweeps around like a ripple in water, symbolizing new beginnings. With the corresponding campaign, the new collection aims to make a statement towards confidence and making positive change in the world.

"We believe that women are as beautifully individual as our diamonds," said Nancy Liu, global CEO of Forevermark. "Accelerating equal opportunities is a value deeply rooted in everything Forevermark represents as a brand and the campaign is no exception.

"Our vision is to encourage women to discover their own individual power and realize their inner strength," she said. "Turning our own words into action and using our voice to amplify those of other women."

The Avaanti collection
The twenty pieces in the collection all feature a unique, responsibly-sourced 0.1 carat Forevermark diamond at their centers. Set in 18K yellow, white or rose gold, the circular designs are also available with pavé set diamonds.

Driven by the belief that what the future holds can unfold from a single ripple, the Avaanti collection campaign stands as a reminder that the moments of today can garner momentum for the future.

"We started with the idea that every great wave starts small, gaining momentum and speed as it grows into something powerful," Ms Liu said. "Each piece in the collection symbolizes the start of something new."

Forevermark Avaanti Collection film campaign

The Forevermark Avaanti “First Ripple” campaign celebrates the power of possibility and encourages women to unleash their own ripple on the world.

“A moment can start a movement,” says the narrator in the campaign video. “Carrying you further than you ever imagined.

“Embrace the power of possibility,” she says. “One ripple can start a wave.”

The campaign was developed and produced by an all-female creative team, including award-winning director Vicky Lawton and photographer Anya Holdstock.

Forevermark has signified how accelerating equal opportunities and challenging gender stereotypes are values deeply rooted in its brand, and the Avaanti collection aims to be an extension of those values.

The goal of the collection and campaign is to connect with the mindset of today’s consumer.

Avaanti ring in yellow gold. Image courtesy of Forevermark

The Forevermark Avaanti collection is available for sale at all authorized Forevermark jewelers across the United States.

Responsible diamonds
Jewelry companies have shown progress in setting industry standards through individual policies for sourcing, however many still fall short of meeting international ethical norms.

New York-based Tiffany & Co. received a “strong” ranking in a new report from Human Rights Watch on responsible sourcing in the jewelry industry, while fellow luxury jewelers Bulgari and Cartier were scored as “moderate.”

In its 2020 report, Human Rights Watch assessed how jewelers’ existing certification schemes lack rigor and transparency, determining that more needs to be done to assure consumers that the jewelry they buy is sourced responsibly (see story).

A week after the report was released, De Beers announced its list of 12 sustainability goals it plans to achieve by the year 2030. Over the next decade, De Beers plans to work towards gender equality throughout its workforce, supporting women entrepreneurs and becoming carbon neutral with its operations.

To protect the natural world, De Beers commits to being carbon neutral across its operations, reducing its water footprint by 50 percent and achieving a net positive impact on biodiversity by 2030. In order to accelerate equal opportunity, it will support 10,000 women entrepreneurs and engage 10,000 girls in STEM subjects and increase the diversity of creative talent within the diamond jewelry sector (see story).

"There are many reasons for brands and organizations, not just in the diamond industry, to put greater focus on issues of responsibility, sustainability and transparency," Ms. Liu said. "Consumers expect that when they make a purchase that the brand not only reflects the same values that they do, but that the purchase is fostered on trust.

"We provide this assurance by the fact every Forevermark diamond has been tracked and monitored at every stage of its journey through the production process and can only be cut and polished by an approved Forevermark Diamantaire," she said. "We only inscribe a diamond as ‘Forevermark’ when it has met [these] stringent standards."