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Four Seasons encourages guests to fit in fitness during travel

Four Seasons Fitness Harley Pasternak Four Seasons and celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak collaborated to help travelers stay on top of their fitness routines. Image credit: Four Seasons


Hospitality group Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts is putting the focus on fitness in a new video initiative with its first global fitness advisor.

Four Seasons enlisted celebrity fitness expert Harley Pasternak to create exercise videos geared towards travelers who enjoy incorporating fitness into their travel routines. As wellness tourism continues to grow in popularity, Four Seasons has consistently looked for new avenues to appeal to the health-conscious traveler.

“We know that our guests are passionate about fitness, whether at home or abroad,” said Christian Clerc, president of worldwide hotel operations at Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. “We also know that exclusive and innovative fitness facilities and programming are a non-negotiable aspect of a luxury hotel, and so it was a natural choice for us to partner with a leader in this field to ensure our guests have access to the very best fitness facilities and experiences when they stay with us.

“Harley is a renowned fitness expert, and his track record of success and his impressive roster of celebrity clients make him the perfect choice for Four Seasons global fitness advisor, helping us elevate our fitness offerings,” he said. “On top of the fitness video series, Harley is also playing a critical role in the design of fitness facilities at properties worldwide, including at the new Four Seasons Hotel Montreal as well as fitness facility redesigns at Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay and Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills, among many others.”

Fit with Four Seasons
Four Seasons named Mr. Pasternak as the group’s global fitness advisor in November 2018.

In addition to creating exclusive exercise programming for the brand, Mr. Pasternak has helped design and improve Four Seasons’ fitness facilities. Mr. Pasternak collaborated with Four Seasons on the fitness area at its new Philadelphia and Boston properties (see story).

Fit with Four Seasons routines were created with time-poor travelers in mind.

Dubbed “Fit with Four Seasons,” the video workouts are available on the Four Seasons mobile application and the brand’s YouTube channel.

The series includes five fitness routines, as well as accompanying how-to videos breaking down each exercise step-by-step. Most of the workouts require minimal or compact equipment, such as dumbbells, appealing to consumers following the routines at home or on the road.

One of the workouts is called the #FitwithFS Challenge, encouraging guests to incorporate exercise into their travel routines. Mr. Pasternak guides viewers to use their own bodyweight to complete planks, lunges, hip thrusts and push-ups.

Through a Jet Lag Rescue routine, Mr. Pasternak encourages guests to try walk-run intervals, hiking, jogging and stair exercises to adjust to time zone changes. Total Beach Body is inspired by Mr. Pasternak’s work with celebrity clientele and targets the upper and lower body.

Four Seasons Fitness

Fit with Four Seasons is available on the Four Seasons app and YouTube. Image credit: Four Seasons

Out of Office Fitness is a 20-minute workout tailored to the busy schedules of business travelers. The moves are also meant to help with stiffness, lower back pain and other ailments that could bother office workers.

In Hotel Fitness Favorites, Mr. Pasternak encourages guests to visit Four Seasons fitness centers, although the tips shown can apply to any gym setting. This routine incorporates a wide range of equipment, including ellipticals and treadmills.

“Traveling can make it challenging to keep up with fitness goals, but it can also be one of the best times to get outside, get active, and stay fit,” Mr. Clerc said. “Whether traveling for business or leisure, we wanted to provide guests with the tools and resources to stay fit with accessible routines that can be done anytime, anyplace – routines that target the most common fitness challenges for travelers and incorporate the same philosophy Harley uses with his celebrity clientele.”

Wellness touches
Four Seasons has been emphasizing its wellness options, covering both physical and mental fitness, as this area of interest sees growth.

During Global Wellness Day, Four Seasons touted its wellness offerings, spanning fitness events, spa luxuries, healthy food and beverages.

For instance, activities at Four Seasons Resort O’ahu at Ko Olina included a hula training session and a Tahitian dance class. Exercise enthusiasts in Paris could see the city from a new perspective by participating in a Run My City program through Four Seasons Hotel George V (see story).

Many affluents are interested in wellness travel, as global demand grows for experiences that emphasize physical and mental wellbeing.

According to a report from Altiant, less than 70 percent of high-net-worth individuals feel relaxed despite high levels of happiness and wealth, pointing to enormous opportunity for luxury hospitality brands to incorporate more mindful amenities and activities into their offerings.

Forty percent of HNWIs surveyed showed interest in taking their first wellness-oriented holidays. More than a quarter of wellness travelers would be willing to spend at least $3,750 on accommodations and wellness activities over a period of three nights (see story).

“Four Seasons continues to differentiate through innovation, making investments in new services, products, and technologies always with the goal of improving the guest experience,” Four Season’s Mr. Clerc said. “We constantly listen to our guests and strive to create experiences that ensure we’re responding to the evolving needs of today’s luxury traveler.”