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Jaguar debuts interview series starring race car drivers

Jaguar Racing Drivers talk famous contacts, recent Amazon purchases and more in new series. Image credit: Jaguar


British automaker Jaguar Land Rover is shining a light on its more exuberant and youthful side with a new interview series.

Named for the five lights at the start sequence of a race, “All 5 Lights” puts the spotlight on members of Jaguar’s Formula E drivers. The first episode puts teammates Mitch Evans and Sam Bird in interview mode, with the pair fostering their comical rapport and sharing random tidbits about each other.

"In the United States, Jaguar is known for attracting older drivers,” said Julie Blackley, communications manager at iSeeCars, Boston. "This series features two younger race car drivers, which helps Jaguar shed that stereotype and helps attract a sporty, younger audience."

All 5 Lights
The first episode begins with a preview of the hilarity that is to come in the form of quick highlights, with Mr. Evans explaining that he wishes he had the ability to message the Queen of England on WhatsApp while Mr. Bird looks on encouragingly.

The two members of the Jaguar Formula E racing team sit across from each other on a stage, offering an intimate, affable feel to the video and conversation.

Continuing to grow in popularity, Formula E is a motorsport that uses only electric cars. Other competing luxury automakers include Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW.

Mr. Evans and Mr. Bird trade answers on life's important questions

Above the stage are five red lights, reminiscent of the five red lights drivers encounter at the starting line of a race. Each light represents a question and is illuminated once the driver answers.

The drivers start the round of questions with sharing their musical guilty pleasures as Mr. Evans sings the praises of Canadian singer Justin Bieber and Mr. Bird notes his fandom for British singer and rapper Craig David.

The two then share the most recent photographs they have taken on their phones, with Mr. Evans explaining his most recent photo is actually of Mr. Bird. The two then discuss their most famous phone contacts.

Mr. Evans says his most famous phone contact is probably Mr. Bird, but he wishes it was the Queen of England. Image credit: Jaguar

Mr. Evans explains that Mr. Bird is probably his most famous phone contact, but that he wishes he had the ability to text the Queen of England. His teammate notes that actor Michael Fassbender is his most famous contact, but that he is not too keen to take the race driver’s calls.

When asked what the last thing he purchased on Amazon was, Mr. Evans shocks Mr. Bird when he tells him it was milk. Mr. Bird then reads a lengthy list of his recent purchases including pet necessities and small gifts for his children, as Mr. Evans comically seems seconds away from dozing off.

The pair ends the interview with Mr. Evans asking Mr. Bird if he learned anything during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

“I learned that I am bad at a lot of things,” Mr. Evans first shares.

“I learned that I’m really bad at algebra,” Mr. Bird replies.

The two continue to rib each other like close friends, leaving viewers feeling like they are in on the joke and that they too are a part of the drivers’ dynamic and team.

Automakers and athletes
Several brands are continuing to produce spots and series that give intimate looks into athletes, including professional racing drivers. These spots can entertain and make viewers feel a part of the camaraderie.

In March, Swiss watchmaker IWC Schaffhausen shared a thoughtful discussion between seven-time Formula One World Champion Lewis Hamilton and seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady to discuss the title of “greatest of all time,” how the athletes have given everything they have to their professions and the role that timepieces have played in their images. The series offered consumers an intimate and entertaining glimpse into the thought processes and morale of the inspirational star athletes (see story).

In April, automaker Audi of America has partnered with Major League Soccer and sports media brand Bleacher Report for a second season of its documentary series,” The Academy,” which follows young players at the New York Red Bull MLS Academy.

According to Audi, 16 MLS Academy players benefitting from the program have been signed to homegrown pro contracts. Additionally, more than 130 players have benefitted from increased housing options and more than 1,600 are using Audi Performance Centers education resources, such as tutoring (see story).

Whether it’s a fun interview-style setup or a more expansive documentary, more brands are tapping into helping athletes illustrate their stories inside their lives and beyond their fields.