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La Compagnie offers exclusive $40K pass to niche frequent fliers

La Compagnie offers exclusive unlimited travel pass. Image credit La Compagnie


French business-class-only airline La Compagnie is creating an opulent and exclusive program convenient for frequent travelers.

La Compagnie is allowing members to purchase a pass that will grant them unlimited travel between New York and Paris. However, the program will only be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis with only 10 passes available, keeping the experience highly exclusive.

"Operating at more than a 76 percent load factor, La Compagnie successfully doubled occupancy on the New York to Paris route in 2017 to provide travelers with more flexibility,” said Jean Charles Perino, cofounder, executive vice president of sales and marketing at La Compagnie.

Frequent flier convenience
“L’Unlimited” pass is La Compagnie’s unlimited flyer program, which began in 2016. The program has been brought back due to popular demand.

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Customers in the United States and Europe are eligible to purchase a pass. The pass goes on sale on Sept. 19-22 and will only be available to the first 10 who purchase.

Prospective buyers must call La Compagnie’s toll free number, 1-800-218-6820, to attempt to purchase the pass.

The pass will costs $40,000 for those in the U.S. and 35,000 euro for those in Europe, and will need to be paid in full through one installment. Purchase is nonrefundable and will need to be activated through a ticket booking prior to December 2018.

After booking the first flight, customers will have one full year from that date to fly as many times as they would like between New York and Paris with La Compagnie.

La Compagnie keeps a convenient business standard for customers by allowing reservations to be altered or canceled up to three hours prior to takeoff with no additional charges. However, customers who book and then do not arrive for their flight will face penalty fees of up to $2,500.

Customers can only book up to four legs at a time.

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Members can also communicate with a special concierge via email or phone service for any questions or concerns they may have.

Niche airline initiatives
Many new niche airline initiatives similar to La Compagnie are becoming increasingly popular, as consumers look to greater convenience and more unique experiences.

For instance, affluent sports fans are now be able to travel to major games in opulence through new private air provider Big Game Air.

Big Game Air is a luxury company that shuttles sports fan to and from sought after sports games within the same day. Affluent sports aficionados are able to travel to games that would normally be an overnight trip in just one day (see more).

Also, China's Bluejet hoped to encourage more Chinese luxury travelers to use private jets when journeying to the United States with an out-of-home digital display in New York.

Located in New York's Times Square, Bluejet's display promoted the prediction from the aviator's CEO Cheng Xingming that China will surpass the U.S. as the dominant consumer of private jets in the near future. Bluejet primarily operates between China and the U.S. and the advertising investment is meant to encourage the large number of Chinese travelers to the states to switch to private aviation (see more).

"With the L’Unlimited pass, we’re able to continue investing in our clients with a unique approach to business-class travel at the most attractive fare," Mr. Perino said.