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Lane Crawford offers guide to living well in multichannel campaign

Lane Crawford's "Good Feels" campaign aims to arm consumers with well-being information. Image credit: Lane Crawford


Chinese department store chain Lane Crawford is helping consumers elevate their well-being through a campaign that invites them to learn and play.

“Good Feels” includes a series of workshops that allow shoppers to get in touch with their artistic or spiritual sides. Beyond serving as purveyors of physical goods, retailers are increasingly positioning themselves as one-stop shops for both acquisition and personal improvement.

“Lane Crawford has recognized that consumers are more and more seeking experiences over material items,” said Beatrice Egan, senior consultant at Boston Retail Partners, Boston.  “The emphasis on health and wellness experiences and becoming a lifestyle brand is a global trend.

"Increasing customer engagement through these wellness workshops should drive more store traffic at Lane Crawford stores and ultimately more sales," she said. "For example, after attending a workshop about getting a better night’s sleep, it might inspire customers to shop for a silk eye mask and Frette bedding."

Ms. Egan is not affiliated with Lane Crawford, but agreed to comment as an industry expert. Lane Crawford was reached for comment.

Feeling good
Good Feels kicked off earlier this month with workshops in topics such as positive thinking and skin and body rejuvenation.

At Lane Crawford’s Canton Road store in Hong Kong, Stoned Crystals founder Ashley Bellino took participants through the basics of picking crystals for various places in the home.

While many of the sessions are being held in various Lane Crawford locations, some are taking place off-site. For instance, a landscape photography workshop is being hosted at The Murray, allowing participants to capture the landmark building on camera with guidance from photographer Tugo Cheng.

Another hands-on workshop is centered on ceramics, letting consumers craft their own pottery. The pieces will be fired by Tung Yao Ceramics and will be available for pick up a few days after the class, providing a reason for consumers to return to the store.

Tung Yao Ceramics will host a class on ceramics. Image credit: Lane Crawford

John Hardy will also lead a workshop that will let participants create their own handcrafted bracelet.

Sessions on Sept. 22 and 23 will delve into the ingredients for a good night’s sleep, as Aromatherapy Associates takes a group through natural solutions for better rest.

One of the other aspects of living better today is sustainability. Helping consumers find ways to repurpose used containers, beauty brand Skin Owl’s founder Annie Tevelin will be leading a workshop on turning its bottles into bud vases.

Los Angeles-based Atelier & Repairs will also be focusing on upcycling, inviting consumers to bring their designer duds in for a refresh. The company will use fabric from its own library to bring new life into pre-loved garments.

During the workshops, consumers can make a donation to Luxarity, Lane Crawford Joyce Group’s initiative that focuses on eco-consciousness, wellness and education.

From Aug. 1 to Oct. 16, consumers who donate gently used designer merchandise will receive 3,000 Lane Crawford Rewards points for every piece. These secondhand items will then be resold at a pop-up in November.

Along with the workshops, Lane Crawford is supporting the well-being campaign with digital content. Features online look into the impact travel has on one’s mindset and eco-fabrics that are making their way into designer fashion.

Continuing the feel-good concept in its retail environments, Lane Crawford invited artists Abel Macias and Svetlana Shigroff, who were finalists from its Los Angeles Creative Call Out, to inject its windows and store displays with color.

#LCGoodFeels Live painting session in store by Abel Macias @abelmac, our Creative Call Out finalist from Los Angeles.

A post shared by Lane Crawford (@lanecrawford) on Aug 16, 2018 at 2:47am PDT

Living well
Lane Crawford has previously aimed to take on a larger role in consumers' lives. In 2016, the retailer helped consumers get closer to their fitness and wellness goals with the launch of an athleisure shopping destination.

The year-long “The Fit Room: Fit for Modern Living” kicked off with a series of in-store events and a social influencer series of tips for a fit lifestyle. Through this, Lane Crawford can become consumers’ go-to guru for exercise gear and guidance (see story).

Luxury marketing's shift toward millennials, as well as ethical and sustainable living, is creating a space for high-end wellness brands and experiences to flourish.

Speaking at Luxury FirstLook 2018: Exclusivity Redefined on Jan. 17, an analyst from Euromonitor spoke about the ways that the luxury industry has sought to monetize health and fitness as well as the factors that have shaped the market’s reception to those efforts. A common theme was that experiential luxury has led more consumers to value luxury brands that can make them healthier and happier (see story).

“Consumers are ditching their shopping bags for salt caves, luxury work out classes and organic meal delivery programs as ways to enhance their health and lives,” BRP's Ms. Egan said. “Lane Crawford is positioning the brand as not only a destination for lifestyle goods, but a Lane Crawford way of living.”