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Lexus gets modern families moving, releases all-new TX model

Able to sit up to seven people, a new luxury car captures a feeling of Able to seat up to seven people, a new marketing campaign for the luxury car release captures a feeling of "the more, the merrier." Image courtesy of Lexus


Toyota Corp.’s Lexus is placing a spotlight on the joy of traveling together, platforming a vehicle that could help simplify these joint excursions.

Three spacious rows of seats and eight broadcast spots sit at the heart of a new marketing campaign from the automaker.  The omnichannel push includes a series of videos, each revealing the ways that the Lexus TX supports modern families and their on-the-road adventures thanks to a large holding capacity, expanded luggage compartments and added comfort throughout, even for those that land in the historically-dreaded backseat.

“For far too long, families have battled it out for the 'best seat' in an SUV, whether that meant access to connected technologies like a USB port, cupholders or ample legroom and comfort,” said Mia Phillips, senior manager of advertising and media at Lexus, Dallas.

“We found that there was a huge demand in the market for a vehicle with unparalleled luxury, comfort, technology and utility for every guest,” Ms. Phillips said. “We’re proud to be meeting that demand with the first-ever Lexus TX – the three-row luxury SUV where every occupant 'wins,' offering a genuine third row with spacious legroom, USB ports in every row and a generous cargo space of 20.2 cubic feet.”

All are welcome
Lexus's advertising effort revolves around the idea that its latest model has more than enough space, enabling everyone to win.

A driver-focused cockpit, captain’s chairs in the second row and an expansive third row add to overall usability and rideability for all.

Additionally, the Lexus TX is the brand's first model to be exclusively assembled by Toyota Motor Manufacturing in Indiana.

Throughout the Lexus TX ads, large families are shown comfortably sliding in. Image courtesy of Lexus Large families are shown comfortably sliding into the vehicle through the automaker's new ads. Image courtesy of Lexus

From the front to the rear, each seat aboard the vessel is fixed with bolstered technological capabilities, extra legroom and more. In short, this first-of release allows for the simultaneous navigation of new terrain on wheels, enhancing the luxury experience.

In the campaign at hand, it is not just the functionality and perks of the TX that are on display. In fact, the Lexus car's convenience factor is proven through excerpts from the families that can now benefit from it.

Making the argument that modern families require “a new kind of vehicle,” the automaker nods to the inclusive dynamics that rule contemporary households, highlighting its ability to service consumers from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds.

The First-Ever Lexus TX: Battle Out There

Videos satirically show the struggle of battling for a car's top seats, and the act of cramming into smaller rides that may lack USB plugs and decent legroom.

In one video called “Battle Out There,” a weary family’s memories of their bad travel experiences are shared, with each character’s pain points leading the plot along.

These considerations appear to have driven the design of the 2024 TX. It is this set of individual peeves that are addressed and fixed in an auto redemption, of sorts, through Lexus's campaign.

Lexus's newest car is revealed to be complimentary to the diverse lifestyles of those who drive it. Image courtesy of Lexus Lexus's newest car is revealed to be complimentary to the diverse lifestyles of those who drive it. Image courtesy of Lexus

Personality and the singular nature of each family member are tone-setters for every ad, unifying the feeling of harmony and singularity. Varying cultures, traditions and preferences are shown, the Lexus model complimenting every one of them, and, in many cases, providing critical assistance.

Some groups pack their vehicle full of gold-glinting gifts for an Indian wedding while others laugh and drive unrushed through sparkling cities. Each passenger, no matter the narrative or setting, appears at ease.

These personal moments ground the campaign as a whole, suggesting that perhaps it is the 2024 TX that made the performances, ceremonies and road trips possible due to its critical role in each singular tale.

“If there were one word to describe the Lexus TX, it would be 'thoughtful,'” said Ms. Phillips.

“Every row in the Lexus TX, from the first row to the cargo area, was crafted with the same consideration, offering true three-row luxury with ample technology and space for guests and their equipment,” she said. “So, whether you’re seated in the front, the back, or somewhere in the middle, you’ll have the same winning experience – that only Lexus can offer.”

Family unit
The marketing campaign is debuting across television, streaming television, audio, digital, paid social, programmatic and print.

Lexus is also entering strategic partnerships with entities such as the Billboard Music Awards, 100 Thieves and NTWRK. Media posts will span TikTok, Instagram, Meta's platforms and Pinterest.

The release comes after the brand enacted ample expansion efforts in India earlier in 2023 (see story), adding to a history of focused advertising with multicultural groups and families (see story).

No one is left behind in the first-ever Lexus TX

This latest TX push and its assets seem to fall in line with shifting consumer purchasing habits that have played out since 2020.

According to a 2022 study from Yahoo and Publicis, in recent years, families are making more buying decisions as a unit since they are spending more time together (see story). In fact, 60 percent of parents stated that their kids became more involved with this process during the COVID-19 pandemic.

More than half of these parents copped to spending more time together than they did before the health crisis hit.

Seeing as Lexus is placing children and their comfort in just as much of a spotlight as the adults featured throughout the TX campaign, this move could suit the current consumer climate.

Every seat is important in the Lexus TX. Image courtesy of Lexus Every seat is important in the Lexus TX. Image courtesy of Lexus

By speaking to all and acknowledging the desire for equity when it comes to the driving experience, it seems that the automaker is meeting modern families where they are, revealing what an experience in a car that reflects their attitudes back to them could look like.

“In today’s big, multi-generational families, relationships are more complex, more nuanced, and more egalitarian,” said Ms. Phillips.

“As a result, individuals approach family life differently,” she said.“Therefore, it was important for Lexus to acknowledge the collective and embrace the unique needs of the individual through both design and marketing.

“The TX ushers in a new era of three-row luxury, one where every row is crafted with the same consideration for its occupants.”