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Luxury hair salon brand Rossano Ferretti eyes partners, hotels for global push

Rossano Ferretti in his midtown Manhattan hair salon in the famous Fuller Building Rossano Ferretti in his midtown Manhattan hair salon in the famous Fuller Building


Luxury hair salon brand Rossano Ferretti, named for its peripatetic Italian founder, is looking to expand its footprint globally by opening outposts in upscale hotels and locations after building up a clientele that includes the Duchess of Cambridge, rock star Sir Mick Jagger’s family, Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lawrence.

Mr. Ferretti is known for its Method haircut with its natural fall and individual interpretation of style. He has opened more than 20 hair salons in markets such as New York, Beverly Hills, Miami, London, Rome, Milan, Madrid, Maldives, Mumbai, New Delhi, Beijing, Shanghai, Dubai and Monaco, either in luxury hotels such as the Four Seasons or the Ritz-Carlton and upscale commercial properties.

“Yes, we are searching for beautiful locations, and it will always be our mission for future salons,” Mr. Ferretti said. “We are in touch with several around the globe.”

Hair is in style
The expansion is also fuelled by a new Made-in-Italy line of Rossano Ferretti haircare products that combines natural botanical ingredients with active biotechnology.

Launched this month, the Vita Rejuvenating Shampoo, Vita Rejuvenating Mask and Favoloso Mousse will join the salon brand’s damage-free line and sold on RossanoFerretti.com, Sephora, Net-A-Porter.com and SaksFifthAvenue.com.

A man of calm demeanor and firmness of purpose, Mr. Ferretti prides himself for his discretion, given the royalty, models, actors and celebrities who rely on his teams to maintain their tresses.

That said, it is public knowledge that celebrities such as Pippa Middleton, Reese Witherspoon, Poppy Delevingne, Elle and Dokata Fanning, Dakota Johnson and the Olsen sisters are fans and customers of Rossano Ferretti.

The key, Mr. Ferretti said, is keeping his customers and, equally, his employees across the owned and licensed salons worldwide happy.

“Ninety percent of our staff have been with me for more than 20 years,” he proudly pointed out.

In this Q&A, Mr. Ferretti spells out his vision for the brand, its growth plans, trends in the marketplace and his upscale positioning tack. Please read on.

You seem to be on a roll – a new haircare line, salons opening around the world and now a step into the franchising business. What's the driving force?
I have always had an immense passion and love for beauty and health.

Our Rossano Ferretti Parma product line is the result of 30 years of my travel experiences.

Working with all kinds of hair throughout the continents, my goal was to further contribute to the hair industry and as with skincare, I wanted to educate and inspire our customers with the purest ingredients.

I strive to continue enhancing the standard and quality we have achieved thus far in our salons and products.

The growing influence of social media has spawned a celebrity culture, where looking good matters. Do you find that the case?
I have always tried to keep a distance from social media as a mainstream for advertising. However, I realized it is impossible at this point.

Social media has become the most important window for celebrities, and not just for them but also many evolving industries – fashion, hair, aesthetics, and so on. They have a powerful tool to promote and communicate. It is where you find newest trends, and news to the beauty industry, in general.

What makes a good haircut for a woman?
The non-cut is a real thing. Our invisible cut as we call the Metodo, or ‘The Method,”’ became an industry legend.

Women love a haircut that can make them feel unique in their own way and, of course, beautiful. We strive to give a haircut that naturally flows with their personality and look. Nothing makes them happier than healthy and beautifully styled hair.

And for a man?
Men also want to be interpreted and in the culture of men, a haircut should represent their beauty.

Men now also take care of their image and learn to customize their hairstyles with their suits, accessories and daily fashion trends.

As you pointed out, Rossano Ferretti is known for its Method haircut. Do people come to you for your style or to enhance their own?
In general, people have evolved and grew from a certain fashion hairstyle trend.

Many times clients come to us with ideas of what they might think is good for them, but often they are not aware of how this change can impact them. Therefore, we try to educate a healthy culture and encourage them to discover their own beauty and style with hair.

You have a new line of haircare products. What makes it different from others in the market?
We worked extremely hard to build the haircare products we have now.

We like to think of our products as food for your hair.

For three years we worked on the ingredients for these products and we strived to keep it clean and safe for all hair types. Then, for two years we tested them in all of our world salons with every type of hair.

I wanted to make sure our products were made to be a unisex line in scent and quality. With harmless ingredients, our products create the right and customized diet for the hair.

How will you get the word out on your new haircare line? Where will it retail?
Having 20 salons around the world, we already are present in the most important cities and it gives our clients the possibilities of experiencing them.

We have also already partnered with Sephora.com, Net-A-Porter online, Saks online, Selfridges.com and other European retailers, and we expect to continue expanding.

What makes your salon experience different? What should a celebrity or high-net-worth individual expect when they come to one of your salons?
What has been built all these years has been a salon where clients can feel comfortable and at a familiar space.

We work to help clients to feel that they can express their selves and where consultation becomes the main pillar of the service.

What do you do to retain your customers and get them to return regularly and spread the word?
Customized experience is never forgotten.

When clients feel that you truly care about them and engage in conversation, they feel your loyalty, and will continue to come back for the same experience and that creates word of mouth.

Do you tailor your salon experiences to different locales?
We have salons in New York to Maldives, Los Angeles to Rome and Singapore.

It is one of our priorities to tailor to the salon and our clients depending the city where we are located.

We believe in respecting the culture of all cities and it has been a pillar of our company.

How do you source your talent, from the hairdresser/barber, stylist and colorist?
I encourage and look to work with those who have the passion and love for hair beauty.

We teach to work together. Teamwork builds our company and service.

We offer the availability to move around the globe and enhance their ability to be successful.

My job is to understand people and help them to be in the best possible location that best fits their work ethics and attitude.

Rossano Ferretti salons pride themselves on their luxury ambience. What makes them so?
We work hard to train our team and provide the best customer care possible.

We take our time to make sure we assert all the needs of our clients, even the smallest details.

Our relatively small salons and boutique allows us to better cater to our clients from greeting to washing their hair, coloring, cutting, blow dry and departing.

Rossano Ferretti hair salon in Hotel de Paris, Monaco Rossano Ferretti hair salon in Hotel de Paris, Monaco

Your salons are anchored in upscale hotels such as the Four Seasons and Ritz-Carlton, as well as in storied buildings with glamour as a backdrop. Is that an intentional real estate strategy?
Yes,I started in the Hassler Hotel in Rome nine years ago, which is an institution in Italy. None [at the time] believed it was a good move. Today, we are in several Four Seasons.

We’re in the Faena Miami, Hotel de Paris Monaco, Ritz Bangalore and the Manor New Delhi, opening the Fullerton in Singapore in middle of November and three top up-coming projects.

I think hotel managers find in our brand the response to the best experience for their clients and travelers.

Are you going to pursue similar locations for your expansion plans?
Yes, we are searching for beautiful locations, and it will always be our mission for future salons. We are in touch with several around the globe.

What would you say to a luxury hospitality chain or property are the benefits of having Rossano Ferretti as a tenant?
We will be an asset to their property, and help complete the experience of their luxury location.

We assure safety, ethical and respectful experience, and work together to build a communication and relationship with locals and international clientele.

What do you look forward to doing in 2018 that is different from 2017?
Our goal is to continue establishing our haircare line with retailers who will give support and, most importantly, educate the proper regimen to expand the health and beauty of hair. The key is have mutual success.