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Mulberry spotlights magnetic muses in portrait series

Mulberry teamed with British Vogue for a shoot with Greta Bellamacina. Image credit: Mulberry


British fashion house Mulberry is putting the focus on inspirational individuals through films that capture the diversity of their perspectives.

The brand’s ongoing #MulberryMuses effort showcases the voices of creative talents including a stylist, editor and poet. This series enables Mulberry to not only celebrate these individuals, but to associate itself with a range of aesthetics and ideas.

"Our customers have always been central to our approach, and with the introduction of the #MulberryMuses program we can bring them even closer to the Mulberry experience," said Charlotte O’Sullivan, marketing and digital director at Mulberry, London.

"Through the prism of these inspiring figures and the re-telling of their stories, we are able to communicate our own values in a tangible way that resonates with our diverse and international audience," she said.

Inspiring individuals
For autumn/winter 2018, Mulberry was inspired by the idea of muses. Bringing this idea to life, the brand teamed up with British Vogue for a poetic piece of sponsored content.

In a short film, actress, filmmaker and poet Greta Bellamacina is pictured wearing Mulberry’s collection while reciting an original piece of poetry. Her poem. “The Runaway Muse,” talks of dressing for the end of the world and a future in which “true glamour is kindness.”

Throughout the film, Ms. Bellamacina plays with Mulberry’s collection, wearing a shoulder bag as a hat and punching her hand through a botannical backdrop to present a pair of feathery heels.

Mulberry Runaway Muse for British Vogue

Mulberry’s celebration of muses continues with a film that captures the perspective of Valentine Fillol-Cordier. The creative consultant and stylist captured the brand’s collection in Norfolk, Britain in a film shot by Lucie Rox.

The vintage-style footage uses destinations such as the seaside and Houghton Hall as a backdrop to the brand's designs. A model walks across the sand in a wide-brimmed hat or rain boots, mixing fashion and function.

Other shots find talent playfully exploring a well-groomed garden, following a maze of hedges or jumping onto a bed of flowers.

Mulberry, Inspired: Norfolk with Valentine Fillol-Cordier

Previous Mulberry muses have included Jasmine Raznahan, creative director of Arpa Studio and Noon Magazine, who worked on a Mulberry editorial for the publication.

"#MulberryMuses explores our relationship with creative minds, shining a light on the diverse group of men and women around us who we find inspiring and intriguing for their contribution to the cultural landscape," Ms. O'Sullivan said. "It’s essentially about offering a platform from which to build out our Mulberry universe, whilst highlighting our values and creating an authentic narrative to support our brand storytelling.

"We hope that through this campaign people will get a better sense of what Mulberry stands for and what truly inspires us," she said.

Personality appearances
Recently, Mulberry has collaborated with digital media brands to bring an editorial approach to its marketing.

Earlier this year, the label explored the stories of two entities with a shared affection for breaking rules and rethinking tradition.

Mulberry was the supporting sponsor of the exhibit “Damien Hirst at Houghton Hall: Colour, Space, Paintings and Outdoor Sculptures,” which displayed work by the contemporary artist in a country estate. Celebrating its role in the project, Mulberry teamed up with video content platform Nowness to capture Houghton Hall through its resident’s eyes (see story).

Mulberry also teamed with British GQ to showcase the way its bags can be an integral part of the everyday lives of creative minds.

In a sponsored post on the Condé Nast-owned men's magazine, three creative from London talk about why they love Mulberry bags and how they work those bags into their busy lives. By partnering with GQ, Mulberry heavily targeted the modern male customer by positioning its bags as part of the masculine ideal (see story).

#MulberryMuses continues this exploration of international, diverse personalities.

"Part of the beauty of fashion is the many ways in which it can be interpreted through, and by, people from all backgrounds and ages," Ms. O'Sullivan said.

"In bringing these different perspectives into the mix through #MulberryMuses, it not only breathes new life into our narrative, but enriches the possibilities of our designs, creating something entirely different for each individual," she said. "It is fascinating to see the transformation, and to embrace a different point of view."