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Porsche uses Apple Vision Pro to improve production trainings

Working with management and IT consultancy MHP, the manufacturer has developed virtual production training modules for the Apple Vision Pro headset. Image credit: Porsche Working with management and IT consultancy MHP, the manufacturer has developed virtual production training modules for the Apple Vision Pro. Image credit: Porsche


German automaker Porsche is testing out new technologies in the workplace.

Developed by management and IT consultancy MHP, the manufacturer is investing in Apple Vision Pro headset-compatible virtual production training modules. Incorporating this and other virtual shopfloor sessions companywide could plays a pivotal role in Porsche's ability to ensure employee success and cost-efficiency at its plants.

Virtual trainings
Based on industrial procedures that take place at Porsche's plant in Zuffenhausen, Germany, CAD data of essential components, including a robot and a rotary table for welding, were replicated to form the interactive app platform as part of the recent showcase.

MHP explains that, within the digital training environment, employees on the shopfloor are immediately see the entire task they have to carry out step by step. Detailed repair instructions that appear via the 3D model help reduce errors, which could increases employee satisfaction.

“Apple Vision Pro enables us to develop solutions for our customers that can be displayed in an extremely realistic digital environment,” said Markus Wambach, COO and member of the management board at MHP, in a statement.

Porsche's Apple Vision Pro Shopfloor Training showcase. Image credit: Porsche Porsche's Shopfloor Training showcase on Apple Vision Pro. Image credit: Porsche

“This leads to a considerable increase in efficiency and cost savings,” Mr. Wambach said. “The detailed and realistic training courses and sessions that we can develop for our customers will increasingly cut out costly errors.

“This is because the up-to-date information that employees need for their work is displayed right in front of them as they carry out the task. This not only helps us to become much more efficient in our work, but to create a better working environment, too.”

Unlike traditional methods that tend to be resource intensive and may necessitate the shutdown of entire production plants in some cases, Apple Vision Pro enables the fast-growing luxury brand (see story) to conduct trainings with an enhanced degree of convenience.

Assessments and certifications, as well as individualized time keeping, can also be completed via the software.

Porsche's electric car production is set to grow substantially in the next four years. Image credit: Porsche

“Employees not only learn safety, such as maintaining a proper distance when working with certain robots, but also receive visual instructions on safe walkways,” said Jörg Dietrich, sales director at MHP, in a statement.

“In addition, the application can be enhanced with playful elements, or gamification, to appeal to younger employees,” Mr. Dietrich said. “The integration of Apple Vision Pro into our existing infrastructure has gone smoothly, thanks to our seamless connection to Apple's ecosystem.

“The intuitive user interface, razor-sharp displays and intuitive user experience make Apple Vision Pro the ideal platform for our training needs.”