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Vacheron Constantin reflects its product quality in artist ambassadors

Vacheron Constanin looks to artists for its latest campaign. Image credit: Vacheron Constantin


Swiss watchmaker Vacheron Constantin is embodying qualities of its products, such as rigorous discipline and a spirit of creativity, through a group of artists it has chosen as ambassadors.

A multichannel stream of still and video content will support Vacheron’s latest campaign that features handpicked artists in moments that represent their dedication to their craft. Supporting high quality photography, detailed videos on social and digital channels give insight into the work of these artists.

"This is an important step for our Maison and a significant evolution in the way we communicate Vacheron Constantin’s uniqueness," said Laurent Perves, chief marketing officer at Vacheron Constantin. "We are introducing for the first time inspirational incarnations and through them relevant creative collaborations.

"As such, we are telling stories resonating with our audience while bringing a new angle to our historical values: constant innovation, craftsmanship, the spirit of exploration and understatement," he said.

Artists and brand
Photographers, designers and musicians make up Vacheron’s army of artists for its latest campaign, all of whom the watchmaker feels are an extension of its brand image.

The house has stated that it feels its products are a balance between technical expertise and innovation, similar to these artists.

“One of Not Many” is Vacheron’s campaign that features classical musician Benjamin Clementine, James Bay, Ora Ito and Cory Richards, starting its relationship off with the ambassadors, with others to come.

"The quest for harmony is never-ending". Benjamin Clementine, artist. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Discover the One Of Not Many spirit: link in bio. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ @Benjaminclementine #OneOfNotMany #Fiftysix #BenjaminClementine #VacheronConstantin

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Images feature each artist in a staging of them in their element while wearing a Vacheron watch, while others feature just the watch.

For instance, singer/songwriter Mr. Bay is featured tuning his guitar, sporting a piece from Vacheron’s Fiftysix collection.

Mr. Clementine is also captured with a watch from the same collection in his campaign content, as he prepares with a metronome. The multi-instrumentalist is also known as a poet and talented vocalist, which he details in his film with Vacheron.

“Every time I press a note on the piano it felt like it was raining inside of me,” he says in the film, which also depicts him wearing the Vacheron timepiece and utilizing various instruments such as the drums and piano.

Mr. Ito, a special designer, models a timepiece from the Patrimony collection, which Vacheron feels as though expresses “the balance between mechanical excellence, aesthetic sobriety and his signature ‘Simplexity’ concept.”

In still images he is featured raising his hands into the air, making a rectangle shape as if designing something in his mind.

The photographer, Mr. Richards, is also an adventurer, taking on photographic journeys across the world, including trips to Mt. Everest, Antarctica, the Himalayas and war zones in Angola, Uganda and Pakistan.

‘’I feel life is a constant re-invention and a road of self-exploration’’ Cory Richards, photographer and explorer. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Discover the One Of Not Many spirit: link in bio. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ @coryrichards #OneOfNotMany #VCOverseas #CoryRichards #VacheronConstantin

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He himself is photographed for the campaign somewhere in what looks like a desert, camera in hand and an Overseas piece on his wrist, to represent his spirit of adventure.

“‘I feel life is a constant re-invention and a road of self-exploration,” he says in a film with the brand that shows him exploring the world.

Vacheron Constantin campaigns
While the Swiss watch brand previously seemed to be slow to adopt new marketing tactics, Vacheron Constantin has recently taken on new strategies.

For instance, the brand has taken a modern yet unrivaled approach to leverage its influence as a coveted brand with two recent digital pushes, prior to the “One of Not Many” campaign.

Many luxury brands have yet to embrace the benefits that messaging forum platform Reddit can provide when catering to a highly loyal fan base. Vacheron Constantin has looked to the social site to get closer to consumers, and has also created a chatbot for better digital customer service (see story).

The Swiss watchmaker also built a community based on the popularity of its vintage timepieces with the launch of a dedicated Instagram account.

Vacheron Constantin’s vintage timepiece-themed Instagram account takes its name from the watchmaker’s discussion forum, The Hour Lounge. Similar to the passionate haute horlogerie conversations had on its form, Vacheron Constantin’s @TheHourLounge Instagram account gives enthusiasts a new platform to discuss and share interest in the brand’s vintage timepieces (see story).

"The singularity of this campaign comes from the authentic fit of the talents it features and the bridges we are creating between their universes and our own," Mr. Perves said. "In the current communication landscape, led by ephemeral endorsements and the constant pursuit of immediate awareness, Vacheron Constantin makes the deliberate choice to work with genuine artists and talents expressing the Maison’s work and values."