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Chanel pushes historical connection to dance in Inside Chanel episode
August 5, 2020
Video strategy Chanel launched the Inside Chanel series this year even before the lockdowns when brands began to pivot to a content-based storytelling strategy. “Content is king and has been for years, but storytelling in a disrupted and disjointed world is essential at this moment in time,” Ms. Stefanini said. “Global luxury leaders need to invest in their brand equity, especially as the market dips in order to keep their fans engaged and with content that can live on all kinds of platforms. “The story of Gabrielle, her views on feminism and self expression will always remain the core of the brand, especially when and where designers change,” she said. “In this case, her love of dance, its audacity and diversity act as a reminder of Chanel’s brand and design roots.” The latest episode tells the story of how Coco Chanel studied dance and the influence it had on her design work. The video reveals the importance and many roles that dance plays in life, and how this inspiration is felt in the look of Chanel’s fashion brand. “Dance is natural. Dance is revelation. Dance is openness. Dance is audacity. Dance is adversity. Dance is staying true,” reads flashcards during the video. “There is a lot of heavy messaging and alignment around purpose, values and drivers,” said Catherine Broome, fashion and luxury consultant at Odgers Berndtson, London. “Dance is something that we immediately find aspirational, and also see as a representation of freedom. In times where many people feel highly restricted this alignment with form and movement will be highly aspirational. “The piece uses phrases such as ‘expression of movement,’ which is extremely powerful to the subconscious mind in a time of lockdown,” he said. “It is also interesting to note the phrase ‘dance is natural’ which sends strong alignment messaging with the natural world, the planet, and the consumers renewed interest in nature at this time. “There is also a heavy leaning toward the history of Chanel, we go on a journey through her deep cultural heritage which further aligns us to the values that we hold.” “The values that we hold build into a sense of purpose, an alignment of purpose is what makes us an active consumer of a brand.” [caption id="attachment_310409" align="alignnone" width="465"]