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Lancel uses AI to expand travel horizons
June 18, 2024
Lancel’s release was imagined in collaboration with generative AI platform Pencil. Founded in 2018, the tool is the brainchild of New York-based ad agency The Brandtech Group. The digital marketing move is highlighted in a LinkedIn post that describes the effort, first stating that “Lancel has always had a taste for adventure, which is as much part of its DNA as is an irresistible attraction to innovation and accumulation” before floating that the product update "has enabled the brand to explore a new dimension: artificial intelligence." Next destination In 2018, Swiss luxury conglomerate Richemont offloaded Lancel, selling the centuries-old travel women’s handbag house ( see story ). Last December, Piquadro Group’s leader spoke to about the acquisition, sharing that the strategic choice was “for us a great opportunity to add a prestigious French brand of women’s handbags to the group, enabling more consistent synergies and growth potential for the three brands” in an interview with  Dubai Italia Experiences Magazine .