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WatchBox shows off expertise in educational Rolex series

The Rolex Milgauss Z-Blue's popularity will surge once it is discontinued, according to WatchBox. Image courtesy of WatchBox


Pre-owned timepiece seller WatchBox is talking time in its new video series, reaching luxury timepiece collectors through entertainment and education.

The new series is hosted by Watchbox’s media director and watch specialist Tim Mosso and chief revenue officer Mike Manjos, who discuss the watch market, top brands and prominent trends. “Around the Crown” melds the art of luxury timepieces with the exploration of the industry as a whole.

"Interest in luxury timepieces has exploded, and the consumer is taking it upon themselves to learn about the category," said Danny Govberg, cofounder of WatchBox and executive chairman. "WatchBox’s video-first content strategy is the perfect match, uniting education and entertainment — a term I coined 'edutainment' — to meet these needs in a manner that is enjoyable, reliable and digestible."

WatchBox tracks Rolex
The “Around the Crown” series portrays an intimate environment, with Mr. Manjos and Mr. Mosso sitting in adjacent chairs around a coffee table discussing the weekly episode’s theme before diving in.

The setting serves as an ode to timepieces, as the two executives sit in front of three large paintings of watches, sharing their expertise. With this setting, Watchbox invites its viewers to take part in the conversation, as if they are in the room.

The first episode of the series examines how Rolex has evolved to reach different consumers

The intimate setting - as opposed to a stuffier television studio - establishes a conversational, friendly tone, inviting viewers on a journey with two leading timepiece experts. On this journey, the destinations are plentiful as the group looks back on what has worked and thrived in the luxury watch space, while anticipating all that is to come.

In the inaugural episode, the experts discuss the evolution of the Rolex customer, discussing brand events and trends spanning the 1980s to the present. The two discuss specific models and address what has changed within Rolex and the brand culture that has remained.

Some of the discussion topics include the popularity of Rolex’s Daytona piece, the brand’s growing popularity among women and how the internet has helped fuel consumer knowledge of the sector.

In the second episode of the series, the hosts shift their focus to the future of Rolex.

Mr. Manjos and Mr. Mosso theorize which Rolex models will be popular in the next few decades. Mr. Manjos believes the Air King and Milgauss Z-Blue will garner great demand in 20 years, while Mr. Mosso anticipates the Cellini Prince will once rule again.

The experts also predict the limited supply of the blue dial 2018 GMT-Master II “Pepsi” and blue dial 2017 Sky-Dweller will lead to an increase in demand over the next 20 years.


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In the second installment, the hosts predict which Rolex models will be popular in 20 years

The series is accessible on WatchBox’s website as well as the WatchBox Studios YouTube account, which invites viewers to engage with the brand and each other in the comment section.

The ultimate series for watch lovers and those curious about the history and future of the luxury timepiece space, “Around the Crown” is uniting useful information and entertainment.

Vying for vintage
The luxury watch space continues booming, with WatchBox among the leaders in the secondhand space.

After raising $165 million of equity capital, WatchBox is actively working to transform the way luxury watches are purchased online. The platform’s leadership team is positioning itself at the forefront of the secondhand market while also actively working on the expansion (see story).

Last October, WatchBox unveiled its global expansion plan featuring eight new locations, with five set to open by April 2022, including its first U.S. satellites. The pre-owned timepiece seller also announced it was on track to reach $300 million in net revenue for 2021, leading the brand to cross $1 billion in lifetime revenue before the end of the year (see story).

WatchBox is aiming to continue offering consumers a breadth of entertainment and information avenues, from exciting video series to informative reviews.

"In addition to series like 'Around the Crown,' we also dial in on detail with over 6,000 hands-on watch reviews, exploring timepieces from the largest brands to brilliant independent watchmakers at a reference number level," Mr. Govberg said. "If there’s a watch you’ve been dreaming of, you can discover it here."