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. The person should be familiar [3] with the following rules:

Vitamin D (calciferol)

• Actions beriberi children – diagnosis is difficult revia where online ordering canada uk how get dose naltrexone without prescription to low. The main clinical signs – heart failure, aphonia and absence of tendon reflexes prescription buy get sale without price uk online dose low india pharmacy generic naltrexone. In children 2-4 months of the mothers with low vitamin B

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distrust of hormonal contraception generation products such as the first and bisekurin ovlon not contain high doses of hormones (estrogen) and serious complications cost canada medication online dose low cheap prescription without revia purchase pharmacy naltrexone discount. Now drugs are physiological and contain small doses of hormones, can also be used for very young girls online without internet naltrexone uk canada low hydrochloride india prescription line dose buy from. In addition, the therapeutic effect of these agents is permanent practice much canada naltrexone cost how injections sale hydrochloride shots does of vivitrol uk online for. It is known that contraceptives, a combination of reducing the incidence of benign ovarian disease, anemia, rheumatoid arthritis. Pronounced therapeutic effect on endometriosis and certain types of mastitis (mammary gland pathology). Many women avoid surgery. It is recommended to take hormone progesterone deficits in the second phase of the menstrual cycle, prevent polyps, heavy and painful periods.


Spas oak bark mixed [5] with other plants

vinegar Bolotov opened

The length of some of the plants are ready for internal use less attention. For them, the ratio of the starting materials and water of 1: 10 and 1: 20 or 1: 30

As previously mentioned, the development and progression of disease affect weathering. This disease is often compounded by the spring, wet weather, feel broken in windy weather, with sudden changes in temperature and pressure, high humidity.

It seems that in the spring, when the whole of nature to life, wakes up, a wave of energy needs, and we feel people. But somehow did not want to get up in the morning, do not go on what we have to work to make a call. Helps strong coffee or tea there. Annoying bright lights, loud noises. This condition is called asthenic body. It develops as a result of overwork, over-voltage central nervous too little rest. Helps in this group of diseases of unequal work and leisure, irregular sleep, poor diet, lack of vitamins.

Many massage schools in ancient India. Indian healers, characterized in that the massage is used in the treatment of diseases. Their technique is very different from China and Japan. The Indians were the first to friction and massage massage developed in the steam room. Was a good result from the body, but not only increases resistance against aging.

In this case, the skin is soft.

Dilute 2:00. L. clay powder 200 g cold water. Revitalize 10 drops of garlic vinegar Bolotov. Take 2 times a day, morning and evening, one hour before meals.

Manufacturer: Hoffma-La Roche.

therapeutic effects: deficiency of vitamins and minerals.

use. Movement. Brew the tea [6] mixture. Drinking herbal tea to enhance the immune system, increasing resistance to adverse influences.


3 piece dried seaweed kelp,

• introduction of high doses of ascorbic acid in the placenta and may fetotoksicheskoe action.

– antioxidants that the oxidation of vitamins A, C, E, minerals, selenium, and prevent multi-vitamin preparations;

Men poor rather than women. Age 35-50 years is considered to [7] be the most dangerous because most of atherosclerosis falls during this period.


chemical composition and energy intake

combined multivitamin with iron (as fumarate) and phosphorus (as dicalcium) add.

Ingredients 200 ml [8] of cucumber juice, tomato juice 100 ml, 5 ml of garlic juice.

1 tablespoon of hawthorn blood-red fruit, grass cudweed, blueberry leaves, grass, motherwort usual.

Drink tea medicinal and food plants, which contain significant amounts of vitamins, minerals and biologically active substances produced. They have a pleasant smell and taste, quenches thirst, improves digestion, normalizes metabolism in the body. Due to the supply of tea multivitamin, tonic and soothing divided. In multivitamin contains tea plants that contain large amounts of vitamins (buckthorn, wild rose, mountain ash, black currant, strawberry). This tea promote metabolism, improve the immunity.

1 tablespoon of herbs and medicines Galega beans, 1 teaspoon immortelle flowers and herbs Peppermint valves.

• Children:

On the other hand, he begins, depression, on the other hand – he tried to hope for recovery.


Tristan Revia (@tristanrevia) • Instagram photos and videos herb St. John’s wort and pour 1 cup boiling water.

1. If a day.

2 parts herb thyme,

The secondary features:

Take the 1st hour. L. seasoning 2 cups cold water. Require a tightly closed container at 8 pm, filtered several layers of cheesecloth. Infusion 1/3 cup 4 times per day.

fruit juices means of cleaning the body. Juices and reduce bodybuilders. They contain all the amino acids, minerals and vitamins necessary for the human body, where it uses only fresh, uncooked form.

The mode of preparation and use

revia dwiananda (@reviadwiananda) • Instagram photos ... Set the right thigh bend the supporting leg at the knee.

much less necessary trace elements manganese, molybdenum, chromium, iodine, silicon, zinc, fluoride, and so forth. Below is a mineral that is very important for diabetics.

iron sources are fish, poultry, pork, beef, bread, pomegranates, buckwheat, vegetables and fruits.

revia oktariani tusin (@reviatusin) • Instagram photos and ... After 20-30 minutes, when compared with the products. The composition of complex sugars Firstly, break it down into simple sugars in the gut, so that they spent more time development. Moreover, complex carbohydrates fiber also slows absorption. Composition of fruits, vegetables, grains and bran and complex carbohydrates. It should be noted that these foods are rich in vitamins and trace elements.

revia claradita r on Instagram: “Gowes againn #friends #bae ... Mix salad, salt and seasoning sauce so.

If these symptoms is referred to in a letter to the editor, this conclusion is, of course, can not be restricted. A woman should be carefully examined to determine the cause of dizziness or fainting.

Exercise therapy – treatment, the reasons for the conduct and outcome of the disease, which many. It changes the overall response of the organism and the local manifestations. Must take into account the deterrent effect of physiotherapy. Physical training must be reasonable course to introduce established motor activity of the patient in conjunction not only in stationary conditions, but also outpatient treatment.

Silverwater disadvantages for various bacteria and viruses. High bactericidal silver electrolyte solution to be detected and, in particular, for the protection of drinking water. This method allows you to get a high guarantee clean and conserve water on ships throughout the flight.

3. Belozar Marsh. Tl insist 2 hours in a cup of boiling water. Take 1-2 tablespoons. l. 3-5.

Packaging: 100 tablets 0.4 g


• Adults – 2 to 2.5 mg ..

lemon fruit contains [9] 87.7% total solids including 8.4% carbohydrate, 3.5% glucose, 0.9% protein, 1.3% fat and more than 1% pectin. Lemons are rich in organic acids – 8.6%, and for the production of citric acid. Lemon – focus on vitamins: ascorbic acid – 60 mg / 100 g of beta carotene – 0.01 mg / 100 g

fennel seeds or fennel, dandelion, chicory root -. Envelope 10g – 20g 1 tbsp. l. mixture, pour a glass of water and cook for 20-25 minutes, insist drain for 10 minutes. Drink a glass 3 times a day.

an important role in the development of adaptive responses play pituitary – adrenal cortex. This is one of the members of the mechanism of the therapeutic effect of the systematic use of the body of the patient, stimulates the adrenal cortex.

therapeutic action: regulation of the metabolism (participation in the transfer of [10] hydrogen and redox processes).

5. Flax (seeds) – 2 parts.

3-4 handful of chopped herbs pour 2 liters of cold water, exist hour. Prepared to leave for 10-15 minutes to an hour pass sieve vinegar therapeutic Bolotov outside. Pour prepared in a water bath at 37 ° to 38 ° C Take a bath on the chest for 15 minutes. Launch day, the course – 10 to 12 baths.

Keisha Revia Geraldine (@keisharevia) • Instagram photos ... In the summer zagotovte Dandelion juice. To get it, do not stint on the roots, leaves and flowers, the juice through cheesecloth. Per liter of juice, add a glass of vodka. In winter, take a tablespoon of liqueur, add honey and lemon juice, if desired.

The first thing that should be recommended for women – is a physical activity. At last movement (sedentary lifestyle) has become the scourge of modern man. This action can cause many problems, such as the work of muscles include addition of positive effects on the body through the pores a lot of sweat, and store harmful salts. Physical activity – an important thing is a simple and harmless form of prevention is not only inflammation but also many other diseases.

Impotence developed functional changes in the central nervous system (brains and spinal cord), in connection with disabilities sex organs, the endocrine system (the sex glands, thyroid), spinal cord injury, the use of sedatives, tranquilizers and other long-term drugs for the treatment of diabetes or obesity.

Lee. On his stomach at the same time, raise the head, chest, arms and legs off the ground. Hold this position and the starting position.

Each capsule containing 2000 IU retinol acetate, 0.02 g of Vitamin B-acetate, 0.002 g of thiamine nitrate, 0.002 g of riboflavin, pyridoxine hydrochloride, 0.002 g, 0.000005 g cyanocobalamin, calcium pantothenate 0.01 g is 0 02 g of nicotinic acid amide, 0.05 g of ascorbic acid and 0.0002 g of biotin.

On a daily self-massage session, I recall pillow close fingers. 3-4 times gently pump strokes to spend on both sides of the spine of the neck or near the shoulders. Then a few minutes of intense effort and stroking the area. Ideal for light massage and soft.

enzyme Bolotov cook in a conventional manner. BV Bolotov recommends boiling concoction Adonis. This mixture rejuvenate the device to get rid of the salt. It is drunk as a rule, not the norm in lieu of water at any time of the day or night. He was a very pleasant taste after drinking its freshness, liveliness. It also has strong diuretic properties which are very useful in the treatment pressure and kidney stones in the blood.

use. Movement. Take 1-2 hours. L. mixture into a glass of water. Bring to a boil. Insist on porcelain or enamel pot and a half hours. In season to taste with sugar or honey. Multivitamins. Since in the vicinity of the previous one.

Goods: Chewable Tablets, 500 mg number 20 [11]

1. The cleaning of the [12] body.

massage – the best way to heal [13] the body. This is one way that your body does not hurt. Massage techniques to strengthen the body, promotes normal function increases the overall tone and so on. N. After the massage the person feels fresh and rested. Called

3 of the grass Pulmonaria officinalis

Council and local elections. With the goal of the treatment is to have an adverse effect on Trichomonas assigned and which has an antibacterial activity of micro-organisms support the livelihood of Trichomonas. Local therapy includes treatment of vaginal and urethral mucosa special solutions, as well as the introduction of vaginal preparations. During and after the treatment carried out bacterioscopic se, and, if necessary, and of bacteriological (laboratory methods). This enables you to test the effectiveness of the treatment.

2) Thermal foil;

Let the corn, add a salad.

• short bowel syndrome;

Read prohibited items. These include:

50 g carrots,

4) creation of the material and the technical basis for the diagnosis of HIV infection;

Ingredients: 1 tablet contains vitamin ME 5000, vitamin B

Exercise 3

syncope is characterized by sudden slight clouding of consciousness, dizziness, blackout or blinking eyes, nausea, numbness in hands and feet. Often the attack is limited to these feelings, but a few seconds. This weak response, possibly followed and unconsciousness. There is an urgent pale skin, eyes wander and closed, the patient slowly. Limbs cold, pulse small or not.

Eczema – resistant to disease. However, extensive treatment, including the use of modern drugs, effective manifestation of eczema small, it is possible that the removal deteriorates. Contribute to the success of the treatment, which some states visit concrete realization of the doctor. “Eruption” – the word “eczema” is derived from “ekses” Greek. Small, millet grain, bubbles are clearly visible redness be edematous. Constant scratching, they are open, and in their place a small dent or well say figuratively, eczema from which tissue fluid leakage. Because the inflammation disappeared peel, peel the skin appear. The occurrence of acute eczema often chronic, distribution, hands, feet, face, head, and sometimes the entire body. He itches so unbearable that the person does not sleep, tired, irritable. Neurotic reaction partner, which turn the disease.

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