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Zegna engages savvy male consumers through Google+ campaign


Zegna's Google+ page

Italian fashion house Ermenegildo Zegna is upping its social media strategy through the launch of a new Google+ channel called “Zegna: The Modern Man’s Manual” to engage male consumers in an online fashion dialogue.

Zegna’s Google+ page is an editorial calendar and a guide featuring style tips and trends for male consumers. The Google+ platform connects more than 400 million users worldwide by smartphone, computer or tablet, per the label.

“Google+ has become more relevant to luxury markers as their target market skews more affluent and highly-engaged,” said Dalia Strum, president of Dalia Inc., New York. “It is a valuable utility for visual storytelling, with a focus on real time live-streams.

“This platform will allow Zegna to better segment its messages in order to reach the appropriate target market,” she said.

“This platform will help cultivate stronger relationships with its clientele online as the brand does in real life.”

Ms. Strum is not affiliated with Zegna, but agreed to comment as an industry expert.

Zegna [2] was unable to comment before press deadline.

Virtual world
Zegna chose to use Google+ because of the “hangout” feature that allows for face-to-face interactions through an online medium, per the company.

Zegna’s Google+ page 

Paul Surridge, creative director of the Z Zegna line, will frequent the Google+ hangouts.


Zegna’s Web site promotes the Google+ hangouts 

The company plans to have more virtual encounters to unite fashion bloggers and fans of the brand so that they join in the conversation and share ideas.

Zegna is not the only brand to drive its social media forward with Google+.

This fall, U.S. fashion label Rebecca Minkoff grew its social media following by 68,500 combined fans across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ Sept. 4-9 through its with Fashion Week efforts.

The bolstered social media activity included a live stream of the show, social videos, hangouts on Google+ and backstage coverage (see story [4]).

Through Google+, brands can tailor their messages to include the right consumers.

“Google+ is a valuable utility because it includes the opportunity to utilize ‘hangouts’ for face-to-face connections and using circles to make sure they are targeting their demographic with right messaging at the appropriate time,” Ms. Strum said.

On the go
With social media becoming an increasingly important tool for high-end marketers, brands need to ensure that this strategy is as seamless as possible across all channels to achieve the maximum luxury experience.

Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, foursquare, blogs and YouTube are all making it easy for luxury marketers to engage with consumers via portable devices such as smartphones and tablets, but some tactics are lost in translation. Therefore, when brands plan out their social media strategy, they need to ensure that it is a cross-channel reach so that they can reach affluent consumers on-the-go (see story [5]).

Google+ also gives brands the ability to integrate content across other Google platforms.

“Some additional benefits include better brand optimization on Google’s various platforms, while providing the brand’s engaged community stronger and more relevant content for their daily lives,” Ms. Strum said.

Final Take
Erin Shea, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily 

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