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La Mer takes daring approach for mask marketing

La Mer is taking its Treatment Lotion Hydrating Mask out of the house. Image credit: La Mer


Estée Lauder Cos.’ Crème de la Mer is playfully presenting the hydrating benefits of its new mask through a series that takes the typically private skincare treatment out in public.

“The La Mer Dare” series shows actress sisters Sara and Erin Foster challenge each other to wear the brand’s Treatment Lotion Hydrating Mask while partaking in everyday tasks, to humorous effect. Streaming on Instagram’s IGTV, the videos explain the promised rejuvenating benefits of the mask in an entertaining format.

"IGTV is a crisp and curated platform where tech-forward, and often fashion-forward, consumers go to find content that resinates with their preferences, whether that may be from influencers or brands," said Lexy Wright, marketing manager at Pixlee, San Francisco. "La Mer was able to captivate their audience on the right channel by serving up fresh and funny content that included the people they love in the format they prefer."

Ms. Wright is not affiliated with La Mer, but agreed to comment as an industry expert. La Mer was reached for comment.

Skincare dare
Erin and Sara Foster are actresses who created and starred in the scripted mock reality television show “Barely Famous.” They are now bringing their dry and self-deprecating sense of humor to La Mer with a video series.

The first episode of La Mer’s series finds Sara issuing Erin a dare to wear the mask out to lunch, which she takes on. While at the restaurant, the sisters both order margaritas.

Sara, the elder of the two, tries to hand the waitress her license, but the server declines, saying she is obviously of drinking age. Meanwhile Erin is asked to take off her mask to show her face before she will be served alcohol.

As she peels off the mask, the waitress remarks, saying her face looks “luminous.” The waitress then asks to see ID, and is shocked at the year she was born due to her “baby skin.”

The next chapter begins as Sara talks to her sister about how tired she is. In response, Erin challenges her to wear the La Mer mask to the gym, since it stays on during activity.

Both sisters head to the gym to train. Sara breezes through reps with her mask, while her sister appears to be tiring from their workout.

At the end of the training session, Sara removes the mask, talking about how energized she feels.

The La Mer Dare Part 2

La Mer’s final episode opens in a kitchen as Sara talks about how the other moms at her school are obsessed with her. Taking her down a peg, Erin then challenges her to wear the mask while dropping her daughter off at school.

While in the car, Sara’s daughter tells her she looks like a monster. When they are pulled over by the school, two of the other moms come up to talk to Sara.

Showing her trendsetting power, when Sara returns that afternoon to pick her daughter up, the two moms are both wearing masks.

La Mer’s sheet mask contains an ounce of The Treatment Lotion in each application. The mask is designed to give the wearer plumper, glowing skin in five minutes.

*Checks into a hotel and masks immediately.* The international traveler's secret to glowing skin upon arrival (and the ultimate jet-lag recovery).

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Instagram post from La Mer

"What consumers want to see from the brands they follow is authenticity," Pixlee's Ms. Wright said. "This series creates a sense of connection between the consumers and the brand by balancing their luxurious product with relatable topics like family, friends and the laughs that those experiences can bring."

Personality profiles
La Mer's marketing often leans on influential individuals.

The beauty brand previously created a series of content for the audience of Mr Porter to gain visibility for its men’s skincare line.

Mr Porter shared journal entries that detailed the routines of personalities such as New York maître d’ Alireza Niroomand, in which the men use La Mer skincare. Hoping to inspire viewers and readers to introduce La Mer into their routine, Mr. Niroomand describes why he likes each product (see story).

La Mer also introduced a new Illuminating Eye Gel treatment with two promotional campaigns that highlighted the emotional appeal of the brand by sharing the individual stories of dedicated consumers.

The "Through Their Eyes" campaign gave readers the opportunity to see short videos of “Illuminating Moments” between high-style couples that use La Mer, while #EyesLightUp allowed users to create an online photo mosaic of the things that make their own eyes light up (see story).

This personality approach allows La Mer to share product benefits through trusted, influential voices.

"IGTV was created with the concept of community in mind," Ms. Wright said. "By leveraging social icons with a strong community on IGTV, brands can expand and engage their audience in a new way, amplifying exposure to their target audience and creating brand loyalty."