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Rolls-Royce captures journey to success in content collaboration

Rolls-Royce partnered on content centered on musician Jammer. Image credit: Clash magazine


British automaker Rolls-Royce is teaming up with music magazine Clash to help an East London artist reflect on his roots.

In the effort, grime artist Jahmek Power, stage name Jammer, takes a spin through his old neighborhood in a Rolls-Royce, as he talks about his views on success and “shiny things.” Through this campaign, Rolls-Royce is aligning itself with a strong work ethic and aspiration, as well as the Clash brand.

"Rolls-Royce was approached with the opportunity," said Matthew Jones, communications manager for U.K. and Western Europe at Rolls-Royce, Goodwood, England. "Jammer is a British icon with global scope and significance, and it was with great pleasure that we supported Clash’s initiative.

"The marque has come to symbolize success, and success is multi-faceted," Mr. Jones said. "Rolls-Royce is one of the most enduring British success stories, it is therefore exhilarating for us to celebrate Britain’s rich vein of creativity in a field it leads with one of its most iconic proponents, Jammer.

"In addition, within Rolls-Royce’s legend is the patronage of the most iconoclastic musicians on the planet," he said. "We are proud to be part of the next chapter."

Art and aspiration
Clash is a 15-year-old independent title that centers on music.

"Clash magazine is a well-known powerful British music, pop-culture brand with a very loyal and engaged following," said Vincent Krsulich, president of Martini Media, New York. "Rolls-Royce wants to align with this relevant audience to help it cast a broader, elevated luxury image."

The video with Jammer is featured on Clash’s social channels, and Rolls-Royce has reposted it to its own accounts to extend the reach to its own fans.

At the opening of the film, Jammer is seen in a basement, setting the scene as he is surrounded by handwriting on the walls and ceilings. Emerging from the house with his dad, he gets into a Rolls-Royce and is chauffeured around his old haunts.

The musician tells the story of his family’s beginnings. He explains that they literally rose up from the dirt, since his father used to sleep in graveyards before meeting his mother.

Jammer also shares his thoughts on success. In the beginning, it was more about recognition than money, such as having his song played on the radio.

Later, once the money rolled in, Jammer could afford some of the “shiny things” he aspired to when he was younger. He also describes how for him, material possessions are embodiments of the work he has put in.

Clash magazine's Rolling with Jammer film

"Rolls-Royce is eager to connect with a more modern, perhaps younger, inquisitive audience to help it grow its brand relevancy among young achievers," Mr. Krsulich said. "The branded content piece centers around Jammer.

"He is musical pioneer with a career driven by purpose and progress, with resulting prosperity," he said. "Perfect alignment and storytelling for Rolls-Royce."



Going native
The ubiquitous nature of social media and content platforms has created an overload of messaging. For luxury brands, this makes content marketing more important than ever.

While consumers are overloaded with content and have shrinking attention spans, this gives luxury brands an opportunity to be creative with their communications. Content that pulls customers in through a message apart from the traditional advertising concept is a vital method of forming a bond (see story).

For automakers, content partnerships often do not center on the features of their cars, instead using storytelling to build up a particular positioning.

Toyota Corp.’s Lexus is exploring the stories of the paths tastemaking chefs and food purveyors take to mirror its own creative and artisan process.

Produced for Lexus by Condé Nast Creative Studio, “Journeys of Taste” unfolded in four parts across titles including VogueCondé Nast Traveller and GQ. Through this first creative partnership between Lexus and Condé Nast International, the automaker was able to reach a global audience of readers in almost a dozen markets (see story).

"Sponsored content is a great way for brands to engage with consumers in a slightly more meaningful and at times educational way," Mr. Krsulich said.

"Consumers are able to learn a bit more about a brand through the lens of the content partner," he said. "The education is a bit less formal and in your face.

"Many times, consumers have a preconceived notion about the brand, and content programs helps overcome that."