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Aman welcomes warmer weather with ecotourism boost

March 26, 2024

From forest bathing in Cambodia to breath work classes in Greece, the wellness leanings of each green stay is celebrated. Image credit: Aman From forest bathing in Cambodia to breath work classes in Greece, the wellness leanings of each stay are celebrated. Image credit: Aman


Swiss hotel chain Aman Resorts International is taking note of the growing demand for nature-forward getaways.

The brand is directing luxury travelers toward the stays in its portfolio that put sustainability, nature and mindfulness at the heart of their operations. Pointing potential guests toward properties that could bring them closer to local environments, the high-end hospitality name is promoting one of the biggest trends of the decade: ecotourism.

Green getaways
Aman is turning eyes toward its resorts in Europe, Asia, the Americas and the Caribbean for the season.

These spring stays, though located in diverse regions, share a common bond of focusing on the world around them. From the restorative offerings at Amangani, near Grand Teton National Park, to the jungle-enveloped Amanjiwo hotel in Java, Indonesia, these destinations break down barriers between visitors and possibly unfamiliar habitats.

A dedicated landing page has been created on the Aman website for 18 of these nature-centric bookings.

Entitled “Nature’s Patterns,” the campaign is highly visual, inclusive of highlights on the brand’s social media channels. Posts advertise the lush landscapes that surround the resorts, with short-form videos embracing a marketing avenue that could likely appeal to many in younger consumer segments.

The familiar rhythms seen in nature, such as moon phases, seasonal shifts and, in a timely fashion, the blossoming of flowers, are discussed in these digital slots.

Famous for its sakura, or cherry blossom, trees, Japan has been the most recent location in the limelight, with Aman resorts situated in the country pictured adorned with the frosted, pink petals. This asserts even urban spots, such as the recent Tokyo opening (see story), as intrinsically tied to the earth, taking it a step further and showing off the indoor native plants and natural textures featured throughout the interiors.

The tradition of forest bathing in Cambodia and the breath work taught at Amanzoe, a hotel soon to open on the Greek coast, a popular place for luxury hospitality (see story), are likewise given a moment in the sun.

Platforming peace
According to Aman, the constants found in nature can offer peace and comfort.

The idea of reassurance is specifically mentioned on the landing page for the campaign. With many affluent travelers naming “sensorial relief” and wellbeing as a reason behind their excursions (see story), the hotel chain could be tapping into a vital motivation for many jet setters.

The brand has touted wellness in the past, even making first-of appointments to better integrate the concept throughout its infrastructure (see story), but this new approach could reel in even more spenders.

Highly popular destinations like Greece are delved into on the landing page, with culinary traditions and meditative practices explored. Image credit: Aman Highly popular destinations, such as Greece, are delved into on the landing page, with culinary traditions and meditative practices explored. Image credit: Aman

Aman is breaking down what makes these 18 hotels so fitting for those wanting a break, rather than making an overarching statement or doing a rebrand to suit the hype. Each stay is put under a microscope, the company pulling out specific perks that could help those needing rejuvenation.

As biophilic concepts are proven to be good for mental health (see story), paying homage to not only the beauty of the surrounding landscapes, but to the architecture and cuisine inspired by it, establishes the network as clued in to the scientific side of wellness travel.

This holistic approach weaves travelers’ conscientious priorities (see story) into Aman’s image, and could signal to many that this is not a new game for the business, but instead a seasoned practice that it has based its global footprint on – tapping into the wider push for authenticity.