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Audi enables fans to race the R8 in virtual video contest

October 25, 2013


Audi USA is challenging brand enthusiasts Oct. 23 - Nov. 10 to craft a video of the R8 model driving on the Sonoma Raceway, CA, with virtual footage and music for a chance to win a driving experience in the vehicle.

The #WantAnR8 contest takes place on a branded Tumblr page where fans sign up through WeVideo to begin composing their take on the lap. Audi teamed up with a series of recording artists from around the world for tracks that can gloss the final video.

"Previously, the #WantAnR8 campaign asked users to tweet at Audi why they deserved a day in the Audi R8," said  Andrew Lipman, General Manager, Communications for Audi of America, New York.

"This year, we’ve built an entirely new program for our fans to create a video featuring original Audi R8 footage and music from innovative recording artists from around the world," he said. "Also, we are handing the campaign over to the community.

"Instead of Audi selecting the next #WantAnR8 driver, the previous winners will take the reins and choose this year’s victor."

Final lap

After logging into or signing up for WeVideo, users are prompted to use the program's editing tools to create an original lap at the Sonoma Raceway with footage of the R8.

A grid of possible video sequences are arrayed for users to experiment with. The categories "Starting Line," "Straights," "Turns," and "Finish Lines" each feature 8-16 clips.

#WantAnR8 WeVideo display

The video sequence appears and begins playing on the video screen once selected.

#WantAnR8 WeVideo display

The editing option then enables users to transform the video, add effects and adjust sound levels.

#WantAnR8 WeVideo display

As the video sequences are edited and fit together in a desired formula, users can sift through the music from artists such as Two Door Cinema Club, Robert DeLong, La Vida Boheme and Ritmo Machine or clips of automotive sounds.

#WantAnR8 WeVideo display

Different interfaces allow users with varying skill levels to find the right camera angles and video filters.

Once the video is complete, fans can post them to YouTube and Twitter with the #WantAnR8 hashtag for a chance to win either one day with the 2014 R8 in their hometown, or a weekend trip to the Audi sports car experience in Sonoma, CA. Previous contest winners will select this year's winners.

Fans can also explore content including "The Frankfurt Auto Show," "Best of the Best" and "Weekend in Orlando" on the Audi USA Tumblr page.

Taking part

The R8 has been the centerpiece of other digital campaigns by the brand.

For instance, Audi is attracting brand enthusiasts with an open-ended iPad application that delves into brand history and lets users investigate the new Audi R8 model.

The Audi Library app provides fans with an in-depth, image-heavy look at various models and will continue to add more content as time goes on. Since iPads are typically used for more focused stretches of time than mobile phones, invoking the concept of a library will likely appeal to consumers who are looking to relax (see story).

Other luxury automakers have tapped into fans' consistent interest in gaming and film editing.

For example, Land Rover North America is bolstering its Range Rover Sport “Drive to Another Level” campaign with an interactive, high-intensity film that lets viewers join the adventure with gaming options.

The “Race The Sun” film is equipped with WebSocket technology that allows viewers to sync up their smart phones and tilt, tap and swipe their touch screens to keep up with the ride. To maximize the reach of the film, viewers can participate in the film with their tablet and desktop as well (see story).

Any campaign that recurs annually should feature new components, and Audi's #WantAnR8 campaign is a colossal jump from the previous year.

"The Audi R8 received a few upgrades this year, including new LEDs, a lightning-quick S tronic transmission, and a brand new V10 option," Mr. Lipman said.

"Channeling the passion of our engineers, we want to reflect these improvements and push the #WantAnR8 campaign to the next level," he said.

"Just as our engineers challenged themselves to achieve new heights with the 2014 Audi R8, we’re seeing our fans embrace this same approach.  People who have never edited a video before are now trying something completely new."

Final take
Joe McCarthy, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York