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Consumer electronics

Bang & Olufsen helps families press pause for quality time

September 1, 2017

Bang & Olufsen hopes families will press pause with its TV


Danish consumer electronics maker Bang & Olufsen is looking to innovate the television manufacturing space with a unique design that caters to families.

Teaming up with LG, Bang & Olufsen created a television with innovative features such as a motorized mount, built-in quality sound bar and a focus on vivid colors. Marketed to families, Bang & Olufsen hopes to shift electronic devices away from the distraction they have become by creating a television that brings loved ones together.

Eclipsing completion
BeoVision Eclipse is Bang & Olufsen’s 4K TV that will be available in sizes 55- or 65-inch.

The television focuses on bringing quality sound to the television performance with an enhanced sound bar attached, which can come in metal or in fabric for varying aesthetics.

Starting at $10,000 for the 55” and $15,999 for the 65”, the Eclipse is meant to create a high-end viewing and listening experience.

To demonstrate how the Bang & Olufsen product can bring families together, the brand shared a spot that focuses on this notion.

The new ad begins with a close up view of the new television before cutting to a family driving down a tree-covered road. Quickly, shots of the family are then shown playing in their living room, hiking and having fun with electronic devices.

Once a film begins to play on the television, everything slows down a bit with the children and parents all mesmerized by what is on the screen.

Bang & Olufsen then instructs viewers to “press pause and play,” as it introduces the BeoVision Eclipse.

Customers can choose from a variety of colors for their sound bar, such as black, forged iron grey, infantry green, Parisian night blue and purple heart.

The stand for the television is motorized, which allows viewers to swivel the screen without having to get up and shift it manually.

Bang & Olufsen
The consumer electronics maker also completed a similar innovation by partnering with Apple to simplify multi-room audio.

In Apple’s upcoming iOS 11, announced during its Worldwide Developers Conference on June 5, the tech company’s Home Kit that controls functions such as door locks and lighting will gain compatibility with speakers. Bang & Olufsen is one of the launch partners, allowing Apple users to take advantage of the new feature with their speakers (see more).

Bang & Olufsen also recently perfected the art of the humblebrag via a user-generated content activation.

Social media is intended to keep users connected to the people and things they love, but oftentimes the various platforms are used to drop hints, subtly or not, about how amazing a particular experience or activity is.

For example saying, “Stupid me, how did I forget to bring sunscreen to the Bahamas,” as Bang & Olufsen suggests, is classified as a humblebrag when shared as a status update and accompanied by a shot the teal-colored sea (see more).