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Bentley limits bespoke SUV production for added exclusivity

March 2, 2017

Bentayga Mulliner Bentayga Mulliner


British automaker Bentley Motors is upping exclusivity in the SUV market with a new vehicle developed by its bespoke division.

Bentley will begin taking orders this spring for a new SUV vehicle created from its bespoke department, Mulliner. The Bentayga Mulliner SUV will be available to a limited number of affluent consumers, equipped with numerous new features such as a built-in cooler.

"The Mulliner is Bentleys most exclusive and bespoke trim/line, and the most discerning and demanding clients of the brand opt for it," said Brett Levine, automobile consultant at "It's How Bentley made its name and steeped in tradition.

"To have a Bentley mulliner line for the bentayga only makes sense," he said,

SUV customization
Bentley has designed a new interior veneer concept for its new customizable luxury SUV. The bespoke vehicle will include interior color split with contrast embroidery.

Bentayga Mulliner – The ultimate luxury SUV (1)

Bentayga Mulliner interior

The veneer starts off in a black, which fades into a lighter Burr Walnut ombre-style, wrapping around the inside of the vehicle. Instead of a standard console fascia, the new Bentayga Mulliner features a special wood finish.

A new Mulliner Bottle Cooler can be fitted in the rear of the vehicle, complete with a chilling cabinet and Champagne flutes. The cooler will be designed into the rear console.

Bentley's SUV concept will feature Duo Tone paintwork, as the first time on Bentayga. Starting this April, consumers will be able to order the customized paintwork.

The model also has 22-inch Paragon seven-spoke wheels fitted with floating wheel centers support the Mulliner SUV.

Bentley’s SUV also features six different mood lighting settings and 20 speakers driven by a 1,950-watt, 21-channel amplifier.

Bentayga Mulliner – The ultimate luxury SUV

Bentayga Mulliner interior 

Drivers can also control a special Parking Heater function via remote control, meaning consumers can warm up or cool down their vehicles without turning it on. Electric rear window blinds and a double sun-visor are available as well when the car is off.

Driver assistance features include Park Assist, Lane Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, Traffic Assist, Night Vision and a Head-Up Display.

An electric active roll feature is equipped within the vehicle, named Bentley Dynamic Ride. The technology is meant to increase comfort while driving through interior stability.

Bespoke division
Bentley Motors also recently kept affluent anglers in mind by accessorizing its previous Bentayga model specifically for fly fishing.

The Bentayga is Bentley’s first foray into the SUV category, making this sports package align with an active and adventurous owner. Touted as the ultimate luxury car for fly fishing, the Bentley Bentayga Fly Fishing was designed by the automaker’s in-house bespoke division, Mulliner (see more).

Bentley also captured the adventurous spirit of its Bentayga SUV through scent with the launch of a fragrance.

Infinite Rush eau du toilette was designed for the man who consistently pushes limits, who might be seen jumping out of a plane or off-roading in Bentley’s first SUV. The cologne launched exclusively at Harrods last March, prior to its international debut in April (see more).

"Bentley has been since their very beginning building their vehicles with the finest finishes, materials, and design, and the person that owns a Mulliner can proudly say they are one of the few that have a very special vehicle indeed," Mr. Levine said.