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Bentley Residences hints at marque’s growing community building efforts

May 31, 2022

The Bentley Residences is coming to Sunny Isles. Image credit: Bentley Motors


British automaker Bentley Motors is centering craftsmanship and community in its first branded residences real estate project.

Located in Sunny Isles, Miami, the beachfront residential project is scheduled to be completed in 2026 (see story). While other luxury automakers have also opened their own branded properties, the Bentley Residences looks to differentiate itself by offering a glamorous lifestyle built around design, sustainability and wellness.

“When you look at our Residences project, it’s a perfect alchemy of performance, luxury, craftsmanship and refined attributes,” said Christophe Georges, president/CEO of Bentley Motors Americas.

In this Q&A, Mr. Georges discusses how the inaugural Bentley Residences is coming to fruition. Here is the dialogue:

Bentley Americas president/CEO Christophe Georges. Image credit: Bentley

What is the history of the Bentley Residence project and why was Miami chosen for this project?
With our high-net-worth customers, real estate is a passion point. We wanted something that was part of the Bentley DNA.

Outside of a car, we wanted something that reflected our design. We worked with our designer to make sure it [the residences] looks like what you can expect from Bentley.

Why Miami? First of all, Florida is one of our largest markets in America, together with California.

America for us is the largest region in the world. So, we have a very strong customer base in Florida, especially in Miami, so it made sense.

The origins of the project… we’ve been working extremely closely with [Gil Dezer, president of Dezer Development] on this project with Bentley. It didn’t take us long to understand the value of his involvement and why our customers would be interested in this project.

When you think of the Bentley lifestyle, you think of the performance of the vehicles, craftsmanship and sustainability. How is that going to be reflected in the building design?
Everything is by design. Our project is the best combination of all of these elements, without compromise.

Craftsmanship, all of this attention to detail – you can take it out of a car. The refinement, the design – all of these aspects can be extrapolated outside of a car.

We have a partnership with a company called Luxury Living, working with our designers and selling luxury furniture. That’s going everywhere [in the residences]. So, we already know that our furniture design is appealing to a large group of people, of customers.

A suite of renders, including communal amenities, offers a preview of the luxurious shared spaces. Image courtesy of Bentley

What are the next milestones for the Residences project?
The next milestone is the opening of the sales office this year.

We will open a model condo where people can come and see the kind of apartments we will be creating in this specific tower. They will be able to visit it before they commit to the purchase.

They will get a sense of the lifestyle and come back before the launch so we can explain a little bit more about what it’s going to be. It’s going to be a place where our customers can enjoy a good time in Miami near the beach.

Are any of your other brand partners, like The Macallan, involved in the project?
Yes, when I speak of our lifestyle component, there will be moments when our buyers can enjoy the world of Bentley, which will include a Macallan experience.

The Bentley Home collection. Image credit: Bentley

Beyond the Residences and the Bentley Home furniture, are there any other lifestyle categories you will explore?
We are working on some projects, which I cannot be specific about today.

Other spaces, not real estate necessarily, where our customers can meet.

We have a very strong Bentley customer community. We have our Bentley application with a social component where they can communicate with each other, known as the Bentley Network.

We will partner with specific places in the Americas where they can meet, experience products and the lifestyle. These will be curated experiences.

We are developing this project [the Residences] to be the best experience, offering this lifestyle complement together with this luxury apartment.