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Beverly Hills celebrates awards season with fresh digital content

February 26, 2024

The series has ran for nearly a year. Image credit: BHCVB The series has run for nearly a year. Image credit: BHCVB


The Beverly Hills Conference and Visitors Bureau (BHCVB) is out with new content.

Celebrating local history and happenings, the final episodes of “Cuisine and Couture” ode the various awards shows happening around Hollywood this time of year. Hospitality landmarks such as The Beverly Hilton and The Peninsula Beverly Hills are featured, with host and American influencer Emily Men taking viewers behind closed doors to get a look at their fashion-inspired culinary and mixology delights.

“Beverly Hills shines especially bright this time of year,” said Julie Wagner, CEO of the BHCVB, in a statement.

“Our city has long played host to the Golden Globe Awards and the season's most coveted afterparties, while our hotels welcome some of film and television's biggest stars as they get red carpet-ready,” Ms. Wagner said. “This year, our restaurants wanted to get in on the fun of awards season by showcasing an artistic approach to food and drink that brings a sense of the city's red-carpet glamour to the dining experience.”

Production provisions
“Cuisine and Couture” began last May and, according to the BHCVB, has garnered a massive amount of attention for the city.

Now, the series is coming to a close with the help of a few figures from the local food and beverage scene. Guiding creative forces for both hotels are present in each of the final two episodes, the first of which was released last week.

The BHCVB displays The Beverly Hilton’s awards season-themed offerings

Thomas Henzi, the executive pastry chef of The Beverly Hilton, takes Ms. Men through the process of creating a variety of the deserts he has served to celebrity clientele during his 13-year tenure, including "Star Dusted Beignets," a deep-fried fritter filled with cream cheese and topped with powdered sugar, mango chutney and strawberry sorbet, among other garnishes.

He also showcases the "Glitz and Glam" cocktail while the duo chat through the venue’s Hollywood history, including how it once hosted the Golden Globes.

The Peninsula Beverly Hills’ beverage director and expert sommelier Max Goldberg is the guest for the second, as of yet unreleased, video. Mr. Goldberg makes Ms. Men the "Golden Sbagliato" cocktail, which features Moët & Chandon, the official champagne of the Golden Globes for over three decades.

Eight eateries and bars in the area are also getting in on the celebration, each offering a special themed menu item through March 15, 2024, from cocktails to carpaccio.

The BHCVB has been active in uplifting its Hollywood ties, celebrating the city’s 100th anniversary last year with a cinematic look back at its past (see story).