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Black Tomato invites travelers to star in favorite stories

April 19, 2021

Black Tomato is offering travelers a starring role in their favorite children's books with a new program. Image credit: Black Tomato


Bespoke travel company Black Tomato is bringing timeless tales to life in a new travel package offering affluent families the ultimate immersive experience.

After identifying timeless stories beloved by children and adults alike, Black Tomato has introduced unique fairytale-inspired family vacations. The Take me on a Story program will provide families itineraries, lodging and activities based on popular children’s books.

“With each of these itineraries, we were true to form to tap the mesmerizing settings that formed the backdrop of each of these magical tales and as able, we designed immersive experiences inspired by seminal moments to really add a special touch,” said Brendan Drewniany, director of communications at Black Tomato, New York. “The places we are offering trips are ones we already treasure for rich travel experiences, so it’s been a delightful extension of our love affair with these places and our great love of literature.

“At Black Tomato, we encourage curiosity and creativity with everything we do and have found that our clients share this curiosity – it’s what drives us forward,” he said.

Starring in your favorite stories
Black Tomato has been developing the Take me on a Story concept for several years, and is now launching the program with offerings in the United States, Morocco, the British Virgin Islands, the United Kingdom and Iceland.

“Embrace the world through classic children’s stories,” the program’s website beckons.

Take me on a Story by Black Tomato

Each region aligns with a beloved children’s book. Offerings currently include trips to Oxfordshire, inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland; Alaska, inspired by The Call of the Wild; Morocco, inspired by Arabian Nights; Iceland, inspired by Journey to the Center of the Earth and the British Virgin Islands, inspired by Treasure Island.

Every itinerary is meticulously planned to offer families the feeling of starring alongside beloved characters in their very own stories.

The trips are not only immersive but immensely educational, with interactive activities. From mountain climbing to camping in the desert and personalized tea parties, Black Tomato is staying true to the book, offering travelers the opportunity to live what they have only previously read.

Each bespoke experience can range from high-production events to half-day encounters as part of wider trips.

Black Tomato is also creating bespoke trips for children’s books that are not listed, promising to write a wondrous adventure based on a family’s favorite.

Black Tomato offers intuitive prompts to help families choose select their adventure. Image credit: Black Tomato

Prices begin at 33,000 pounds, or $45,647.25 at current exchange, for a family of four. Offerings begin in May and include a trip of five nights promoting storytelling, problem-solving, creativity, nature and familial fun.

Travelers can plan, budget for larger groups, and read beloved stories on the informational site as well.

“This program appeals to high-net-worth individuals seeking to inspire their families but also engage all ages, really – it has a multi-generational appeal – so we’ve hand-picked incredible accommodations that are luxurious but also have their own sense of magic,” Mr. Drewniany said.

Happily ever after
This is Black Tomato’s latest effort in providing experiences unlike any other. The travel company is known for its creativity-based ethos and aiming to create once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

In 2018, Black Tomato promoted Blink in Bolivia, a program that brought consumers into a volcanic natural reserve in Bolivia. There, customers stayed in temporary accommodations designed and produced by Black Tomato, which were taken apart and removed after the customer left.

In this way, Black Tomato ensured that the experience was totally unique and that no one would ever stay in the same place in the same accommodations again (see story).

In 2017, Black Tomato offered its Get Lost program, where travelers who participated did not know where they were venturing until they arrived at their destination, requiring them to give up a level of control over their travel plans. Offering a taste of adventure and disconnection, the service revolved around remote points on the map, allowing the vacation to be a holistic physical and mental journey (see story).

With Take me on a story, the travel group is hoping to reach book-loving affluent families and beyond.

“We have seen its initial reception have a real universal appeal with, truly, children of all ages,” Mr. Drewniany said. “We’ve designed these to be part of a collection that we will grow and really want to inspire our clients’ travels through the lens of wonderful literature, and I would say absolutely that these trips could make anyone fall in love with good storytelling and good literature.”