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Botkier to hype luxe capsule collection via social media

April 11, 2012


In an attempt to broaden its customer reach, affordable luxury handbag designer Botkier will be launching an ultra-luxe capsule collection that will market primarily through its hefty social media following.

The collection of 8-10 bags will be made with exotic skins including shearling and water snake and will all be priced under $1,000. The new line, called Monica Botkier, will comprise clutches, shoulder bags and satchels and will be out in September.

“We are still reaching the same customers, but having a broader range is something that makes a lot of sense,” said Monica Botkier, New York-based designer and owner of Botkier. “We were always an approachable luxury brand regardless, but if you really want a special or exotic bag you have to stretch way up into the thousands of dollars.

“Our whole M.O. is that our bags are a statement piece for every day, and the special capsule collection will be much more attainable but with the same type of craftsmanship and material that you see with designer bags,” she said.

“Social media is a really fun thing for us to do, and that is the initial marketing focus for us right now.”

Ms. Botkier discusses the strategy behind the new line, social media and what is next for the brand. Here is the dialogue:

What is the strategy behind this launch?
We were always an approachable luxury brand, regardless.

But if you really want a special/exotic price you have to stretch way up into the thousands and this made more sense.

Is Botkier trying to become a more luxury-oriented brand, or stay at affordable luxury?
I think that there is room to do both, actually.

We are still reaching the same customers, but having a broader range is something that makes a lot of sense.

Our whole M.O. is that our bags are statement pieces for every day.

We have the same attention to detail as our contemporary line, but it really is for someone who expects custom details and hardware.

They will be made with the same kind of quality of designer bags, but less than you would pay.

If you want something that has the same quality and gives you the same feelings as a designer bag but you can spend under $1,000, that’s pretty great.

How do you plan on marketing the collection?
We do a ton of social media, which is something that’s exciting.

We do not plan on doing any other marketing – we have a nice following and fan base on Twitter, Facebook and our blogs, so I think that that will be the initial focus.

How will the new luxury line add value to Botkier?
The whole idea behind a limited line is that you’re not getting it everywhere.

There’s the feeling of individual and exclusivity, and not everyone is going to have the same bag as you.

I think that is important to affluent consumers.

What's next for Botkier?

We're planning on more capsule collections in the future. I think this is something that we're going to continue to do.

Botkier also has a partnership with Swatch, which will be out in the fall as well.

Final Take

Rachel Lamb, associate reporter on Luxury Daily, New York