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Bulgari’s new campaign is an ode to never having too much

February 25, 2020

Bulgari's "Mai Troppo" campaign. Image credit: LVMH


Roman jeweler Bulgari has launched a new advertising campaign called "Mai Troppo," which translates into "Never too much" in a campaign that matches Rome's flamboyance with the models' jewels.

Breaking on social media over the weekend, the campaign by the LVMH-owned brand is all about enjoying life's little moments, big and small. It is centered around a short film about a mysterious woman who is being talked about by everyone in Rome.

The ad stars actresses Naomi Scott and Zendaya, as well as supermodel Lily Aldridge. Swedish director and photographer Johan Renck created the images.

Lily Aldridge stars in Bulgari's "Mai Troppo" campaign. Image credit: LVMH Lily Aldridge stars in Bulgari's "Mai Troppo" campaign. Image credit: LVMH

Ring of mystery
Ms. Aldridge wears Bulgari high jewelry while walking the dogs by Fori Imperiali and posing at night in front of the Fountain of Trevi.

Ms. Scott wears B.zero1 rings while eating chocolate dessert in a high-tech kitchen and explores the streets of Rome in Divas’ Dream jewels.

Zendaya, who has on a Octo Roma watch while attending a masquerade ball, wears a sparkling diamond from the Forever collection while posing in a garden.

Lily Aldridge, Naomi Scott and Zendya star in Bulgari's "Mai Troppo" campaign. Image credit: LVMH Lily Aldridge, Naomi Scott and Zendya star in Bulgari's "Mai Troppo" campaign. Image credit: LVMH

Chinese-Canadian pop star Kris Wu also makes an appearance, drinking coffee in an elegant cafe.

“She’s here," actors from the spot say. "Everyone thinks she’s so interesting.”

"She loves dogs," says a bartender in the film. "She's always in the right place."

“She just has too much style," says an actress. "She just has too much everything.”

The film is full of footage of Rome's flamboyant sites that include statues, bridges, shots of the Coliseum, Villa Adriana in Tivoli and Villa Aldobrandini in Frascati, and even the Eternal City's famous traffic and opera. It ends with each of the stars saying the tag line, "Mai Troppo."

The campaign uses a special Italian flavor to showcase the brand's luxurious jewelry, while illustrating that Bulgari can be integrated into everyday experiences from fancy parties to the tennis court.

Zendya stars in Bulgari's "Mai Troppo" campaign. Credit: LVMH

Zendaya stars in Bulgari's "Mai Troppo" campaign. Image credit: LVMH

Chinese target
The Italian flamboyancy is appealing to audiences all over the world.

Affluent consumers in China are one of the fast-growing demographics for Bulgari and Mr. Wu's appearance hints at this target.

The company's Jean-Christophe Babin recently said that he recognizes how China has been the fastest-developing luxury market in the world, responsible for a large share of the world’s luxury goods consumption.

With a much younger luxury-goods clientele than most countries, China is by far the main driving power when it comes to product development and marketing. Mr. Babin said the biggest challenge for luxury brands vying for the Chinese audience is finding the perfect blend of product and target marketing that appeals to younger, wealthy customers.

“Chinese clients are buying the iconic collections such as B.zero1 and Serpenti, like the rest of the world, but there are some specificities in that market that we cater to, so you will find certain materials and Bulgari products there that you won’t find in the rest of the world,” Mr. Babin said (see story).

This latest effort suggests that these young affluent Chinese consumers are attracted to a glamorous and dazzling Italian story.

Bulgari's "Mai Troppo" (Never Too Much) campaign set in its Roman hometown