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Cartier searches for beauty of the world with high jewelry launch

July 5, 2022

On display, pieces from the collection appeared to float in mid-air. Image credit: Cartier


Richemont-owned jeweler Cartier is spotlighting its latest Beautés du Monde high jewelry collection, which was revealed during an exhibition and celebrity-attended gala at the Palacio de Liria in Madrid.

Held at the Spanish capital’s embassy, the exhibition intended to reflect the collection’s theme of observing the world's beauty, preserving it and enriching it. To bring consumers and fans of the brand into the festivities, Cartier has published several short films expanding on what inspired the collection, the space and the event.

Beauty of the world
Cartier tapped artist and designer Jaime Hayon to design the event space, who discusses how he and his team of designers brought their ideas to life.

“The source of inspiration was based on the jewelry itself,” he says. “I was trying to explore the different themes that Cartier was looking at — the colors of the minerals in nature and everything that it surrounds from water to space.

“Everything was a source of inspiration in terms of form, materiality and harmony that we want to feel.”

Jaime Hayon discusses his inspirations for the exhibit

Hosted inside Madrid’s Embassy, which was designed by architects W.S. Bryant and Luid Blanco-Soler, the exhibition reflected the space’s fluid lines, bright colors and natural light.

“We’re in a very special building, it is a circular building, so I tried to make it like a piece of jewelry,” Mr. Hayon says. “The exhibition is like an immersion into a jewel.”

In Madrid’s Palacio de Liria, Cartier’s guests gathered for an evening in celebration of the beauty of the world and the launch of the high jewelry collection. Notable figures and brand ambassadors such as actors Rami Malek, Lily Collins, Milena Smit and Kimberley Woltermas were in attendance.

As part of the event and to supplement the campaign, Cartier asked guests to reflect on how, where and when they find beauty in the world.

Some referenced natural wonders like a sunrise, trees, the glaciers of Norway and a leopard in its natural habitat in Botswana, while others cited architecture and music.

Beyond the tangible elements of life, some guests noted they find beauty in the spirit of people and the kindness that prevails throughout the world, despite ongoing adversity.


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Guests reflect on the collection and the beauty of the world

To further promote the new collection, beyond its grand reveal in Madrid, Cartier is continuing to roll out a campaign of still images and short films starring Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani.

On display
While jewelry is often promoted to be worn, sometimes pieces are so precious they must first be put on display like fine art or sculptures to be observed and adored by spectators, and Cartier leans into this notion.

In August 2021, the French jeweler struck the contradictory cords of edge and refinement with a Los Angeles exhibition and campaign showcasing its Clash collection.

To mark the opening of the exhibit, the brand invited some familiar faces to celebrate, including Ms. Collins and music producer Finneas, who designed the exhibition’s specially curated soundscape. In tandem with the week-long exhibit, the brand released short films providing insight into what influenced and inspired the collection and event (see story).

More recently, the brand opened the “Cartier and Islamic Art: In Search of Modernity” exhibition at the Dallas Museum of Art.

The exhibit showcases 400 pieces that exemplify the story of Louis Cartier and the history of the brand while highlighting the various designs and artworks that influenced the jeweler. Through the lens of Cartier, the exhibit explores shapes, techniques and materials from India, the Middle East and North Africa (see story).