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Chanel inspires natural beauty with ‘effortless’ campaign

June 2, 2021

Eight products are featured in Chanel’s latest beauty effort. Image credit: Chanel


French fashion house Chanel is showcasing the ease at its which beauty products can be applied and natural looks can be achieved in a playful effort.

Exacerbated by the global COVID-19 pandemic, the beauty sector has started to shift from heavy cosmetic application to natural beauty and skincare. To echo this shift, Chanel invites consumers to discover daily beauty essentials that require minimal effort but guarantee results.

“Chanel’s ‘Effortless Beauty’ campaign reflects the attitude, attention and priorities of today’s wearer,” said Rebecca Miller, founder/CEO of ARTful Communication, New York. “It acknowledges the constant movement of each customer, throughout their careers, their leisure time, encompassing their entire life choices and lifestyles.

“It acts as a visual regard for those electing to wear makeup to embrace the place and application process as each sees fit,” she said. “No rules, no boundaries — just encouragement to enjoy the process and results they created.”

Effortless beauty
This spring, the French brand touted its skincare and cosmetics offerings through efforts aimed at the modern woman. With the “Mademoiselle Does It All” campaign, Chanel focused on multitasking skincare products while also promoting its Les Beiges foundation line with the philosophy that “natural is a style.”

Playing up the multitasking reality of contemporary working women, Chanel highlighted ways its products can tackle various skincare concerns (see story).

With its latest effort, Chanel is further emphasizing the allure of natural, effortless beauty in a modern world.

Les Beiges Cushion hydrating foundation

Through a series of short videos and various supplemental imagery shared on the brand’s social media platforms and ecommerce site, Chanel featured eight products from its beauty collection.

The Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation for hydration and longwear is featured in the “Bouncy Glow” spot, which features fashion model Alexandra Micu applying the foundation while lounging on exercise balls.

“Color Glide” features model Akon Changkou applying the Rouge Allure Velvet Luminous matte lipstick while balancing on model Christopher Einla.

The “Halo Hoops” video spotlights the Baume Essential multi-use glow stick, a moisturizing highlighting balm that Chanel promises to provide subtle radiance with little effort.

In “Color Maze,” Ms. Micu applies the Rouge Coco ultra hydrating lipstick while wearing a blindfold, implying that it is very easy to apply even without a mirror.

Chanel’s Le Vernis longwear nail color is the fifth product featured in the campaign, highlighted in the “Nail Skate” spot where Ms. Changkou applies the nail polish while on roller skates.

In “Eye Balance,” Ms. Micu applies both the Stylo Ombre et Contour eyeliner and Le Volume Stretch de Chanel mascara while balancing a small Chanel bag on top of her head.

Together in the final spot, the models kick a soccer ball back and forth to each other while donning the Rouge Coco Flash hydrating vibrant shine lip color.

“Chanel’s goal is to share lighthearted moments of enjoyment mixed with a little humor as if to say, ‘make-up can be as much fun as you desire,’” Ms. Miller said. “As opposed to a more serious message of how it is necessary to enhance your looks, the campaign speaks to the creative fun makeup provides in helping the wearer discover their own look.

“It mixes luxurious materials with sporty applications,” she said. “Be you every day, no matter your focus.”

Skincare is beauty
Even before the onset of pandemic restrictions and lockdowns, beauty and wellness were converging as consumers began to take a more holistic approach to beauty.

At the beginning of 2020, French fashion house Christian Dior took beauty more than skin deep in a skincare campaign centering on physical and mental health. The brand tapped supermodel Gisele Bündchen to share her lessons about achieving a sense of well-being that extends to conscious skincare (see story).

According to a survey by Bazaarvoice, 46 percent of respondents said in April they purchased more skincare products than before because they had more time for self-care. In October, 58 percent indicated that they were more focused on skincare than ever before (see story).


“Beauty trends have evolved from highly stylized, trend conscious makeup applications to encourage and reflect that of individualism,” Ms. Miller said. “Doctors from many medical disciplines are increasingly playing more important roles in the beauty space and are using their medical and scientific knowledge to create and discover new formulas to enhance skin and appearance.

“While new color palettes are introduced each season and new materials are found in the development of all beauty products, brands expect that wearers no longer follow trends blindly, but have assumed control over the selection and ultimate purchase decisions based on their own research, testing and ultimate goals.”