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Chanel goes for gold, reissues first-ever Premeière watch

October 14, 2022

Campaign image of Chanel's Premeière Édition Originale American fashion model and DJ Soo Joo Park presents Premeière Édition Originale in a series of near-silent digital drops. Image credit: Chanel


French fashion house Chanel is meeting luxury’s moment with the reintroduction of a classic.

Originated over three decades ago, the brand’s first-ever timekeeper has been updated, its promotion now the undertaking of both the house and its new face of a different variety. American fashion model and DJ Soo Joo Park wears the Premeière Édition Originale watch in Chanel’s latest campaign.

Chanel seconds
Chanel created its first watch, the Premeière, in 1987. Today’s Premeière Édition Originale follows in its footsteps while introducing contemporary detail in more ways than one.

First, its design smartly connects across Chanel’s categories – the case was created in the image of the maison’s N°5 fragrance bottle stopper, and the octagonal shape a nod to Chanel’s 18 Place Vendôme atelier.

The iconic address is home to the brand’s Watches and Fine Jewelry Creation Studios, High Jewelry workshop, Patrimoine and Fine Jewelry boutique.


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The Premeière Édition Originale black-leather bracelet, with interlacing that enables a supple and comfortable flexibility, recalls the ultimate marker of luxury’s upper echelon – a Chanel handbag.

Even the watch’s coloring evokes the history of the house, as the black-and-gold mix that the Premeière Édition Originale features represent an embracing of the essential and the late founder’s love of sparkle, respectively.

The timepiece's case and crown are comprised of steel and coated with 18-karat yellow gold, with a high-precision quartz movement and water resistance of up to 30 meters, or about 98 feet. The piece retails for $5,500, available online and in-store at Chanel boutique locations.

Ms. Park presents the timepiece’s multifaceted magnificence in a series of almost entirely silent digital assets, where the watch speaks for itself.

The two videos live at time of publish handle the task at hand with similar creative treatments. Parallels include a camera panning out, whether slowly as in the case of the first to post, or more abruptly, in its successor.


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Like a strip of film, the video’s lateral layout lends a trio of tapes, one identical video atop other, its talent essentially mute.

Neither video asset contains much dialogue – instead, the film’s leading lady simply says the accessory’s name.

In one, the word “Premeière,” is definitively stated, matched with a mocked checkmate, as a small gold statue is planted, eye contact steady and watch in full view.


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“Premeière,” Ms. Park whispers in another, hands clasping around her mouth in ironic synchrony.

A set suddenly comes into view, and the star is shown behind the railing of a presumably lofty structure of aureate appearance.

Though just a few seconds in duration, and quiet in volume, Chanel’s videos impart an impactful boom.

There are, of course, the video’s companions. Campaign imagery reinforces Chanel’s narrative through lifestyle shots and product close-ups.

Attire matches in theme, as head-to-toe brand outfitting unfurl. Chanel Beauty is on display in nail color, and Chanel ready-to-wear, on view as part of Ms. Park’s signature tweed

Just like its beloved Premeière Édition Originale, Chanel’s ethos is carried through all aspects of the campaign that carries its latest launch.

Stories take time
Chanel embodies the art of quiet glamour.

Here, heritage storytelling is louder than any showstopping sell could be. The knowledge of its history is highlighted throughout materials, whether via its site or through the "@chanelofficial” social handle.

The house has a knack for this method of marketing, whether for a new product, or a mainstay initiative.

Chanel recently announced the launch of “Cometes Collective,” an incubative effort to support emerging makeup artists shaping the future of the beauty industry. Its reasoning ties back to its founder, Gabrielle Chanel, and her penchant for opportunity (see story).

The maison's participation in Venice Film Festival is yet another modern example of its dedication to keeping Coco's spirit alive.

Chanel’s connection with the film world spans decades as, according to the brand, Ms. Chanel was said to have built relationships with working actors of decades past by dressing them. These stars would vouch for the company, forming an informal brand ambassadorship of sorts through the years (see story).