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Chanel pushes skincare line with star-focused video series

August 2, 2013


French fashion house Chanel is advertising its skincare line through a video series featuring the return of previous brand ambassador, actress Diane Kruger, as well as other digital content on the brand's Web site.

The site gives affluent consumers a chance to buy and receive skincare tips online while the video searches for beauty's origins with the help of Ms. Kruger. Pairing abstract videos with straightforward information will help keep consumers interested while providing them with worthwhile information.

“While not truly an unbiased third party, a brand ambassador or model can add an element of validation that a product or line is worthy of acceptance and admiration,” said Lauren Owen, project manager at Blue Moon Works, Denver, CO.

“The video benefits Chanel’s skincare line by showcasing a beautiful face and a comfortable view of what beauty is,” she said. “ It very successfully projects the idea that simple and timeless beauty is synonymous with Chanel.

“Of course, the creator of something will tell you wonderful things, but when an outside presence tells us that a product is great, we can picture ourselves in the same context also feeling positive thoughts toward the product.”

Ms. Owen is not affiliated with Chanel, but agreed to comment as an industry expert.

Chanel was unable to comment directly.

Beauty from within
Ms. Kruger asks "Where does beauty begin?" as the Chanel skincare logo appears on the screen.

She reveals her inner thoughts about the origins of beauty as the video alternates between urban and beach settings.

The actress is asked a philosophical question and responds in an empowering way through a narrative voiceover.

During the urban scenes the viewers see a close up of Ms. Kruger’s face while she states that beauty begins, "The moment you decide to be yourself."

Where Beauty Begins video

The following scenes change between Ms. Kruger driving a vintage Mercedes and running on the sand near the ocean with a man whose face is not seen.

Throughout the short video, Ms. Kruger mentions confidence, trust, imperfection, uniqueness and an inner feeling of beauty as places where beauty begins.

The video ends with Ms. Kruger peering out a window at the setting sun. She says, "Chanel, where beauty begins," as the Chanel logo appears.

The video is the first in a four part series of advertisements.

Video still

The content that accompanies the video on the Chanel skincare Web site is a link to discover more about Chanel’s RESYNCHRONIZING line of skincare products.

Chanel's RESYNCHRONIZING skincare line

The line includes three skincare products, Le Jour de Chanel, Le Nuit de Chanel and Le Weekend de Chanel. The line costs $85 for Le Jour and Le Nuit and $115 for Le Weekend.

All three products in the line feature a quick-buy option that redirects the consumers to a purchasing menu.

The quick-buy menu also features an option to reschedule repeat purchases thus removing the hassle of remembering to reorder a product.

Additionally, the Web site for Chanel’s skincare line allows visitors to explore a video series featuring Chanel’s advising dermatologist who offers viewers tips and and insight into modern skin care.

Ms. Kruger is also featured in print advertisements publicizing the RESYNCHRONIZING skincare line.

Print ad 

Ms. Kruger is a familiar face for the brand. The actress, said to be loved by Chanel creative director Karl Lagerfeld, has been featured in two other advertising campaigns.

In 1996, Ms. Kruger represented Chanel’s Allure fragrance and in 2007 she was the face of the Paris-Biarritz handbag.

An inside look
Brands are more likely to appear personable by making video content that reveals the personalities of the people starring in an ad campaign.

Other luxury brands have followed this trend.

For example, French apparel and accessories brand Lanvin is promoting its men’s and women’s winter collections through a short video that focuses on the models’ internal monologues about love, life and the pronunciation of the label’s name.

The 60-second video jumps between shots of men and women wearing the new collection with each model portraying different emotions. Since many apparel brands are now pushing fall/winter collections, brands need to create campaigns that help their collections stay top of mind to consumers (see story).

In addition, Prada-owned Miu Miu layered its fall/winter collection with female-focused advertisements and a short video that highlight the personalities of the brand’s models.

The two-minute video shows off the label’s collection and the models who are wearing it. Miu Miu’s focus on the women featured in the video, instead of just the new collection, gives the campaign a different tone than other fall/winter collection campaigns (see story).

A brand that has a long lasting relationship with a brand ambassador is one that consumers feel they can trust.

“In many cases, it is beneficial to regularly bring in fresh faces to keep communicating to the set age range of your target market,” Ms. Owen said.

“In this case, Diane is a wonderful choice to bring back,” she said. “As a woman in her late 30s, Diane shows no signs of aging in this video.

“Her flawless, smooth visage looks effortless and should give viewers the hope that with a similar skin care routine they too can look forward to 40 and beyond with no worry lines”

Final Take
Jen King, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York