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Fragrance and personal care

Chloé locks in love notes to launch sensual scent

February 14, 2017

Chloé Love Story Eau Sensuelle fragrance Chloé Love Story Eau Sensuelle fragrance


French fashion label Chloé is recreating a romantic Parisian tradition in a digital space, giving consumers a branded way to express their love.

Taking inspiration from the love locks that couples attach to the Pont des Art bridge over the Seine to profess a permanent bond, Chloé is giving consumers the chance to inscribe their initials on a virtual padlock. Since Paris has begun outlawing these locks to protect the bridge’s structure, Chloé’s effort allows the ritual to live on.

Latching on
Paris’ love locks were the basis for the bottle shape for Chloé’s Love Story line.

In the custom, which began about a decade ago, couples would write on the lock and chain it to the bridge. Some would even throw the key used into the river for dramatic effect.

The popularity of the largely tourist activity led to hundreds of thousands of locks on the bridge, causing parts crumble under the weight. In 2015, the city began to remove the locks and placed panels over the metal railings so they are lock-proof.

While the symbolic gesture has been dismantled by the Paris government, Chloé is inviting consumers to take part in the gesture online.

Chloe Love Story lock

Screenshot of Chloé's Love Story effort

On a microsite for its new release Love Story Eau Sensuelle, Chloé has made its interpretation of the bridge. Here, consumers are invited to customize their lock with their initials.

Once entered, the user sees their lock attached to a digital bridge among other locks. They can then pick a quote to reflect their love, whether it be sisterly or passionate.

Consumers can then share their lock on social media or email it to their loved one. The microsite can be viewed here.

Combining orange blossom, passion flower and musks, Love Story Eau Sensuelle is described as sensual yet feminine.

A natural fit for Valentine's Day, Chloé has previously promoted Love Story for the romantic holiday. Last year, the label helped consumers around the world create their own love story through a series of romantic itineraries.

Tied to the label’s Love Story fragrance, many of the tips and ideas for excursions, activities and downtime were based on campaign face Clémence Poésy’s favorite spots. Promoting this guide around Valentine’s Day may have helped Chloé attract interest from consumers as love was at the forefront of their minds (see story).