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‘Clash de Cartier’ campaign explores dichotomy of dressing

May 19, 2023

Hailing from the home of the very movement of which a set of new jewelry styles are sourced, British-American actress Lily Collins slots as the face of the punk-centric collection. Image credit: Cartier Hailing from the U.K., home to fashion's punk movement, British American actress Lily Collins aptly slots in as the new face of the studded assortment. Image credit: Cartier


Hailing from the U.K., home to fashion's punk movement, British American actress Lily Collins aptly slots in as the new face of French jewelry maison Cartier’s studded assortment.

Debuted in 2019, “Clash de Cartier,” remains a relatively young offering. Today, the contemporary line continues to carve out its very own lane, one defined by house codes, contrasting designs and, as expertly embodied by Ms. Collins in a new campaign, dual personas.

Punk philosophy
Cartier’s collection sees the classic and the eccentric duel, as the brand doubles down on the mixed-medium creations.

Where descriptors such as “independent, elegant and instantly recognizable” are employed in messaging, one faces the challenge of deciphering between the entity on the receiving end of said titles, for the collection and Ms. Collins are equally fit.

British American actress Lily Collins slots in as the new face of “Clash de Cartier”

At the center of the modern jewelry line, a row of clou carré studs act as a house signature. As it turns out, a few introductions are to be made, as a new ring and earring set make a first-time appearance.

Also among the new pieces are a bracelet and necklace. All Clash de Cartier articulations are available in rose gold or rose gold embellished with diamonds — this time around, an “XL” format joins the lineup and features onyx beads, in layouts fused with spiked detailing.

The brand's campaign concept involves two versions of Ms. Collins, representative of the balancing act that envelops the styles she wears.

The split is where the label has determined that an appeal lies, as in the age of access, a step in the direction of duality, one which empowers an owner with choice, is welcome.

Women of impact
As of late, Cartier’s affinity for status and symbolism has swayed the team towards superstars.

There are the maison’s deep roots in cinema, to be considered both in the context of current events such as the Cannes Film Festival and in a retrospective sense, what with initiatives including the reintroduction of the Tank Francaise wristwatch — the latter effort tapped British director Guy Ritchie, actress Catherine Deneuve and American talent Rami Malek.

Exhibitions like “Into The Wild: Panthère de Cartier,” hosted at Guangzhou Postal Expo Hall (see story) also succeeded in stealing the show.

Speaking of, lest audiences forget the appointment of entirely new muses, both British actress Vanessa Kirby, face of the brand’s La Panthère perfume (see story), and American actor Elle Fanning, who now lends her likeness Cartier’s Grain de Café collection (see story) have delivered lessons in ambassadorship as of late.

The celebrity engagement philosophy clearly extends to the philanthropic front as well, apparent upon the breaking of news involving Lebanese-British lawyer Amal Clooney being tapped as the first representative for Cartier Voices (see story).

Women of impact have long played a central role throughout the brand’s history (see story). The new expression involving Ms. Collins does not stray too far away from this trusted blueprint.