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Daniel Lee handpicks Thomas Burberry Prize winner

June 21, 2023

The British brand continues its commitment to the next generation, presenting a new series of resources for students of the craft alongside Royal Academy of Arts. The brand continues its commitment to the next generation with the launch of a new grant benefiting London's Royal Academy of Arts. Image credit: Royal Academy of the Arts/David Parry


British fashion house Burberry is presenting students of the craft with a series of new resources.

Teaming up with London's Royal Academy of Arts, the brand has awarded artist Christine Wilkinson the second annual Thomas Burberry Prize for Print, selected alongside entrepreneur and creative Grace Ladoja. This year, the luxury behemoth launches an RA Schools Scholarship Grant and Bursary, continuing its commitment to the next generation of talents.

Thomas Burberry Prize 2023
Chosen by Burberry’s chief creative officer Daniel Lee, the Thomas Burberry Prize winner ranks first among nine total honorees.

According to the brand, the artist’s showcased work, “Washing Machine 2,” hearkens back to the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition theme, “Only Connect.”

Both Ms. Wilkinson and Ms. Ladoja will receive 20,000 euros in sponsorship dollars, to be routed toward their respective practices.

As Burberry enters a third consecutive year of support for the Royal Academy of Arts’ Summer Exhibition Preview Party, a debut scholarship marks the partnership’s latest addition.

The newly-announced RA Schools Scholarship Grant and Bursary will fund one student’s tuition and cost of living expenses.

Updates arrive as artistic initiatives remain deeply woven into the fabric of Burberry's philanthropic pursuits (see story).