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David Beckham balances business, adventure as Maserati ambassador

April 13, 2021

David Beckham reviews his schedule and has a little bit of fun in a new effort from Maserati. Image credit: Maserati


Italian automaker Maserati is showcasing the spirit of a life filled with equal parts business and enjoyment with a new effort starring sports icon David Beckham.

The short film, launching a partnership between the athlete and automaker, follows Mr. Beckham in a cherry-red Levante Trofeo SUV across Miami. This fun and fast-paced vignette illustrates to viewers that as a decorated soccer player, Mr. Beckham reflects Maserati ethos in that he too embraces the excitement inherent in the unexpected.

"Like David Beckham, the Levante Trofeo is the perfect balance of sportiness and sophistication that is characteristic of the Maserati brand,” said Julie Blackley, communications manager at iSeeCars, Boston. “Both David Beckham and the Maserati Levante Trofeo can be all business as an unassuming midsize SUV or all pleasure as on an off-road race.

“The exterior of Maserati Levante Trofeo SUV resembles a typical luxury crossover rather than a performance SUV,” she said. “The spot proves that the Levante Trofeo is indeed a performance vehicle with the engine and driving capabilities of a sports car.”

Two of a kind
The vignette opens with a skyline shot of Miami, before cutting to Mr. Beckham driving his Maserati SUV. The British icon achieved worldwide fame as a player for Manchester United and is now part-owner of Inter Miami CF, a Major League Soccer team.

As Mr. Beckham drives, an automated voice from within the car begins to recite his schedule. After parking, Mr. Beckham stares at the inter-coastal while his cell phone continues to list his scheduled exercise regimens and board meetings.

Maserati and David Beckham: two of a kind

All of a sudden, Mr. Beckham is no longer listlessly standing. The athlete is now back in his Levante Trofeo, doing donuts on a slick road underneath a highway overpass.

The shot then vacillates from images of Mr. Beckham standing and listening to his phone to footage of him back inside his Maserati, deftly maneuvering the steering wheel as the vehicle rotates in smoky circles.

A master at multitasking, Mr. Beckham is able to listen to his planned day while laughing during his own personal Maserati adventure.

Mr. Beckham’s agenda items include workouts, business meetings and finding time to do donuts in his Maserati. Image credit: Maserati

A Miami Maserati montage is just the first offering from the new partnership, the vignette already illustrating the star athlete and automaker’s shared joy in expression and freedom.

“It’s an exciting time for me to begin this partnership with Maserati, an iconic Italian brand which shares my appreciation for the very best innovation and design,” Mr. Beckham said in a statement. “I’m looking forward to working closely with the brand at such a pivotal time in their history and continuing their growth on a global scale.”

A family affair
Mr. Beckham is an active team owner, businessman and philanthropist. His partnership with Maserati is not his first venture with a luxury brand.

In 2019, the sports star sat down with Lady Gaga, for a shared interview between the Swiss watchmaker Tudor ambassadors.

The goal was for the brand ambassadors to get to know each other and for hundreds of thousands of their fans – and fans of Tudor, and possible clients – to get to know them and the brand they wore on their wrists as they chitchatted on a pleasant, sunny LA day.

Out came a deck of cards. Lady shuffled and Mr. Beckham picked. Who is your idol? His hairdresser mum, still at work in London at 70. For Lady, it was her two grandmothers, always there for her during tough times and with a chin-up philosophy (see story).

An affinity for luxury seems to run in the family, as Brooklyn Beckham, son David and Victoria Beckham, worked with British fashion house Burberry in 2016.

The then-17-year-old model’s creative collaboration with Burberry was announced in the beginning of that year in a Snapchat takeover. At the time of the announcement and Snapchat teaser, Mr. Beckham shared his excitement with a post on his personal Instagram, which boasted nearly 7.7 million followers (see story).

With Maserati and Mr. Beckham’s vignette in Miami only being the first iteration of the new collaboration, viewers can anticipate the fun the two will get into next.

“Selecting Mr. Beckham fits the luxury positioning well, as he's had major success well beyond his footballer days but is a very approachable spokesperson for the brand,” said Matt Voda, CEO at OptiMine Software, a cloud-based cross-channel marketing analytics platform. “I think the main point they are making is that this SUV is different in its performance and isn't just another boring vehicle, and Maserati – and Mr. Beckham – look like they had a lot of fun making that point."