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Dior Beauty introduces ‘Gris’ collective to complement gender-defying fragrance

April 4, 2023

Dior is bringing together house codes and the values of an upcoming consumer base. Image credit: Dior Dior is bringing house codes and the values of an up-and-coming consumer base together as part of a new campaign and collective. Image credit: Dior


French fashion house Dior’s beauty division is enlisting a diverse lineup of seven celebrity artists for its newest programming.

Enacted in favor of the brand's namesake unisex fragrance, the Gris Dior campaign is out now, and stars young talents including South African actor Thuso Mbedu, Chinese singer Liu Yuxin, American actor Maya Hawke, British actor Joseph Quinn, French rapper Orelsan, American actor Jenny Ortega and singer Fai Khadra, of Saudi Arabian descent. Canadian director Bardia Zeinali worked with the crew to bring together house heritage and new ideals platformed by the up-and-coming generation.

One on one
Highlighting the artists’ distinct personalities and strengths, a new slot celebrates individuality.

Positioned at the center of the campaign, Gris Dior serves as an olfactory backdrop, accentuating what each person has to offer. The seven celebrities do arrive at the table with more accolades than not, from award-winning performances to philanthropic work to Emmy nominations.

The slot celebrates these strides on the part of the artists while highlighting collective generational gains, as the stars continue to elevate the urgency of gender equity and inclusion progress.

Woodsy in nature, the Dior Gris perfume is marketed to both men or women, allowing the wearer to make their own rules, per brand notes.

New: Paired with the fact that the maison views gray as a flexible shade that is “richly nuanced with its subtleties, anything but a simple mix of black and white,” duality seems to be at play here – French fashion house Chanel has leaned into this concept as of late (see story).

The color not only nods to modernity, but to Dior’s history.

Gray is brought full circle in the campaign featuring Gen Z celebrities from around the world. Image credit: Dior Gray is brought full circle in the campaign featuring Gen Z celebrities from around the world. Image credit: Dior

As a beloved shade of Christian Dior himself, “Dior Gray” has become a classic hue of the brand. To capture the color in fragrance form, house perfumers used Jasmine, Bergamot and scents of the forest — a combination that can now be enjoyed in bath products that Dior is unveiling alongside the perfume drop, demonstrating the versatility of the new scent.


Gris Dior comes in three sizes — 1.35-ounce, 4.25-ounce and 8.5-ounce bottles are priced at $125, $330 and $450 respectively — and is available for purchase online or at the brand's physical boutique locations.

The bottle itself is also able to be engraved.

Between this bespoke touch and the accompanying campaign’s showcase of each artist's personality and ways in which they “dare” — every person is given a “Dare to” title based on character traits, such as “Dare to fly” or “Dare to chill” — individuality is at the heart of programming.

All around, the effort provides consumers with a custom experience to engage in, shifting how fans of the brand are able to interact with the very product, which, in and of itself, is quite personal in nature.