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Dior exemplifies how diverse social media accounts can benefit

January 12, 2017

Image from Dior Homme Image from Dior Homme


French atelier Christian Dior is one of many luxury brands that are catering to niche audiences with separate social accounts for various departments, such as Dior’s new Instagram dedicated to menswear.

Luxury brands, while already considered a niché group, have been appealing to even smaller groups with multiple social media accounts on one platform. Marketers have seen more engaged followers by focusing on these smaller groups, but should be wary of letting these extra social media accounts go dormant.

“Having separate social media accounts, although the time allotted to maintain is greater, can be very beneficial to a brand as they can target messaging to that specific group of followers that may end up lost in a single ‘all things to all followers’ social media experience,” said Marci Troutman, CEO of SiteMinis. “Good practice for a multiple social media account strategy is to always be consistent with content driven to each demographic experience that is set up.

“Don't drop the ball and let the account lie dormant as the followers will be looking for updates, information, specials etc. and can help brands market to each specific demographic in targeted messaging that will help the brand in the future,” she said. “Quite a few brands don't want to dedicate the time and resources to a strategy such as this, but those who do will end up on top.”

Dior Homme
Dior’s new Instagram account, entitled Dior Homme, caters specifically to male demographics interested in its menswear. The Instagram page shares photos of its campaigns, posts related to social influencers and other content that caters to its audience.

Dior Homme Insagram

Dior Homme Instagram

This strategy makes sense for Dior’s menswear branch, as Dior’s main page’s audience can dramatically differ from Dior Homme.

With more than 10.3 million followers on the page, Dior is seeing fans flock to the page, meaning it must maintain content. The designer is making sure its content boasts well with the group, and is on its way to becoming a major platform for fans.

Another major step Dior is taking is that it is using its main page as a crossover section between the two. The official Dior page is sharing content in relation to the Dior Homme campaign, but the niché page is not sharing any content that the small audience cannot relate to.

For instance, the Dior Homme page is sharing a campaign featuring rapper Asap Rocky, actor Rami Malek and musician Boy George. Dior’s main page spotlighted a few posts regarding the campaign and also advertised the launch of the Dior Homme page.

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 4.52.25 PM

Boy George for Dior Homme

Social media strategy
Dior also recently made headway by highlighting the differences of twin models for its upcoming spring campaign, marking Maria Grazia Chiuri’s debut as the brand’s first female artistic director.

Captured by photographer Brigitte Lacombe, the spring ads are Ms. Chiuri’s first campaign with Dior. The effort gracefully celebrates varying styles of femininity by showing off twin models Ruth and May Bell in differing styles (see more).

Dior also tapped its beauty ambassador Bella Hadid to share her go-to party look as consumers ready for New Year’s Eve celebrations.

The designer debuted its beauty video content with Ms. Hadid on Dec. 30, just as many consumers were likely to be finalizing plans and outfits to ring in the new year. Ms. Hadid’s massive social media following of 9.1 million on Instagram alone, ensures that Dior’s content is visible by a coveted demographic of consumers, millennials (see more).

“Social media is a great way for brands to target specific demographics by creating separate accounts, although, one rule of thumb in the marketing of these accounts, is that brands should have one main account for marketing via their overall marketing calendar and drive bulk traffic to one destination to alleviate confusion for the consumers,” Ms. Troutman said. “But, on the other side, when pulling a marketing campaign for a specific demographic, setting up a separate social media account on Instagram or other social media platforms could be beneficial in order to drive a clear/clean message and talk directly to a specific group of followers.

“A follow-up rule is that the separate account should be maintained just as diligently as the main account. The brand wouldn't want to run a single campaign through the new account and then let it sit after consumers in that specific demographic have opted to follow them,” she said. “If the separate accounts cannot be maintained in parallel with the main marketing calendar accounts it's best to just stick to a single social media touch point.

“To retain a loyal user group, brands need to be attentive consistently.”