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Dior invites Anya Taylor-Joy to La Galerie

March 14, 2022

Anya Taylor-Joy gets a first-hand look at the new Dior space in Paris. Image credit: Christian Dior


French fashion house Christian Dior is showcasing its newly reopened and renovated La Galerie Dior at 30 Montaigne with a familiar friend.

Documented through a short film, actress and Dior brand ambassador Anya Taylor-Joy spends the day on a guided tour through the new space. Covering more than 100,000 square feet, across eight buildings and seven floors, the hôtel particulier now includes a boutique, an exhibition space, a restaurant, haute couture salons and gardens (see story).

Day with Dior
The “Queens Gambit” actress enters the space to discover a window showcasing 1,874 color-coded miniature replicas of items from the house. As she walks up the grand staircase, she recognizes a gown she has worn before.

A self-proclaimed history buff, Ms. Taylor-Joy identifies the year and collection some ensembles were made, such as a spring/summer 1947 suit.

Anya Taylor-Joy shows off her knowledge of Dior history

“I grew up a real tomboy but came to fashion through characters — the magic of being able to put on clothes and see somebody completely different in the mirror,” she says in the video.

As they walk through the halls, the actress gasps and smiles as she sees the gown she wore to the “Last Night in Soho” premiere, noting the strangeness of viewing the dress behind a glass wall after having worn it.

Ms. Taylor-Joy was also invited to view the original “cabine” where seamstresses would work and models would do their own hair and make-up in the earlier days of the fashion house.

“It really is special just to be able to walk around, and I think people would be really surprised as to how it translates to modern-day,” she says at the end of her tour. “It has stayed classically within its essence, but so modern.”

Dior tapped Ms. Taylor-Joy as a brand ambassador in October 2021, a partnership that appeared to be mutual as the actress consistently fashions Dior on red carpets and other events (see story).