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Fendi touts craftsmanship of exclusive Harrods handbag in social video

August 9, 2013


Italian fashion label Fendi is publicizing its participation in London department store Harrods’ Handbag Narrative exhibit by releasing a short video that showcases the craftsmanship behind its specifically designed handbag.

The video shows a Fendi craftsman creating the individual elements of the exclusive 2Jours handbag sold at Harrods. Through the video, Fendi is able to show off its craftsmanship while promoting the event at Harrods.

“The Handbag Narratives exhibition at Harrods celebrates luxury fashion and tells the story of quality, craftsmanship and opulence,” said Christine Kirk, CEO of Social Muse Communications, Los Angeles. “The Fendi 2Jours hand-crafted handbag is the perfect fit in the exhibit.

“2012 was the year of photography in social media, and 2013 is the year of video,” she said. “With the advent of visual social platforms like Instagram, Vine and Keek, video content not only tells a story, but shows the story in details consumers might not have known before."

“By visually depicting how a Fendi handbag is literally made by hand, the brand solidifies themselves as more than a fashion brand - the Fendi 2Jour handbag a wearable piece of art.”

Ms. Kirk is not affiliated with the brands, but agreed to comment as an industry expert.

Harrods and Fendi were unable to comment before press deadline.

A Harrods special
The Handbag Narrative was created to boost foot traffic within Harrods’s newly expanded luxury accessories department through a museum-like exhibit featuring 20 luxury handbag designers such as Mulberry, Gucci, Prada and Fendi.

Ending on Aug. 24, the Handbag Narrative,  in addition to bringing attention to the expanded department, is also intended to generate interest in the featured brand’s creative process and DNA. This is achieved by many participating brands creating exclusive handbags exclusive to the exhibit (see story).

Fendi's Handbag Narrative display 

Fendi created five of the 2Jours handbags to be sold exclusively at Harrods’ Handbag Narrative exhibit. The exclusive 2Jours is made of “Harrods’ green” crocodile skin.

Harrods is sharing Fendi’s video on its blog. Fendi begins the 108-second video by showing the details of the crocodile skin that will be crafted into one of the brand’s standout products.

Set against the green skin, Fendi’s logo appears with a subtitle of “2Jours, Exclusively for Harrods.”


Next, a work station is shown as a craftsman places a large sections of crocodile skin onto the table.

Using a template and exacto blade the craftsman carefully cuts out the panels of skin that will later become the exterior sides of a 2Jours handbag.


By focusing on on the small details involved in created Fendi’s handbag, the viewer learns how the handbag’s tassel is constructed and how the skin is glued to other pieces to create the signature 2Jours shape.

Next the craftsman is shown positioning and affixing the handbag’s handles and stitching the sections of crocodile.

The rivets and gold accents found on the bag are added as the scenes switch between close-ups of the sewing machines and details of the handbag.

A detail shown in this sequence of the video is the gold plate displaying the handbag’s number in the limited edition series.


The final scene shows the finish product as the Fendi logo reappears.

Fendi Limited Edition 2Jours Bag video 

Showcasing craftsmanship via social videos is an ideal way for brand’s to give enthusiasts a view inside the creative process while showing the amount of care and quality that goes into each product created by a given brand.

The 2Jours handbag is likely to generate interest in the Handbag Narrative due to its limited availability and single location.

Single origin
Releasing limited-edition items and products for specific locations is one way a brand can generate interest in not only itself but in a bricks-and-mortar location.

For example, Fendi is continuing promotions for its new flagship boutique in Paris with an exclusive handbag offering.

Fendi uses social media to advertise the opening of its flagship on Avenue Montaigne as well as the exclusive Peekaboo handbag. Releasing a limited-edition handbag at a single location creates an exclusive experience through an exclusive product (see story).

In addition, U.S. fashion label Tom Ford is celebrating its global retail expansion by releasing a fragrance that is exclusively available at its new London boutique.

The brand’s first bricks-and-mortar location in London opened recently and is set to carry Tom Ford’s Private Blend London fragrance exclusively for six months. Location-based products create an exclusive experience for brand enthusiasts and the experience can be heightened if the product is only available for a short period of time (see story).

Luxury brands use video content to display craftsmanship as a way to ensure the quality of its products.

“If the devil is in the details, then luxury is the details done right,” Ms. Kirk said.

“Giving this inside look into the careful craftsmanship and handmade quality of the handbag justifies the luxury price tag and the designer name,” she said.

“Video content visually shows the consumer that they're getting what they pay for, if not more, when purchasing the 2Jours handbag.”

Final Take
Jen King, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York