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Flexjet takes off with customizable service program

October 30, 2012


Private aviation provider Flexjet is upping the service offered to its affluent owners by granting them access to two different aircraft types under the new FlexShare program.

With the purchase of a single 50-hour share, FlexShare owners can now customize the allocation of their annual hours based on their specific flight requirements. This effort will likely help FlexJet reel in consumers who are looking for more customization options in travel by private jet.

“This offer was created as another way owners can customize their program to best suit their varied needs, which adds to the complete personalized experience for which Flexjet is known,” said Deanna White, president at Flexjet, Richardson, TX.

“[The program] provides us with the opportunity to better serve our customers who have varied private aviation needs,” Ms. White said. “For example, owners may require the use of a Learjet for short business trips, but may also need a large Challenger jet when taking the annual family vacation.”

FlexShare benefits
FlexShare customers pay the full purchase price for one share of a selected aircraft type.

The single monthly management fee is then determined by the aircraft types and the division of the hours for each aircraft which are 40/10, 35/15, 30/20 or 25/25.

“FlexShare is a unique program providing fractional jet owners with guaranteed access to two different aircraft types,” Ms. White said. “Based on their specific flight requirements, FlexShare owners may now customize the allocation of their annual hours among Flexjet’s collection of legendary Learjet and Challenger aircrafts.”

Flexjet's Challenger aircraft

Also, FlexShare offers more flexibility for its customers.

There is a 90-day guarantee that allows new Flexjet fractional owners to exit their contracts for any reason within the first three-month period.

Exclusive offers for owners
Flexjet also offers a program called Versatility Plus. Owners can place unused hours in an exchange pool with other owners.

Since the program’s launch in 2004, it has returned more than $31.5 million back to Flexjet owners who would have lost their hours, per Flexjet.

The private jet provider has additional exclusive offers for its owners, including a partnership with Lake Austin Spa Resort in Austin, TX, that the brand launched in August.

Flexjet’s fractional jet owners can receive room upgrades based on availability, a $100 spa credit and enrollment in the resort’s Monarch Club. Both brands are reaching out to locals via multichannel efforts to gain loyalty among their closest consumers (see story).

Also, Flexjet has a partnership with Abercrombie & Kent’s equity-based destination club to give its jet owners an exclusive offer of seven complimentary nights.

Flexjet’s fractional jet owners will receive seven additional nights when they buy any level of Abercrombie & Kent Residence Club membership (see story).

Ms. White said Flexjet wanted to have the opportunity to better serve its customers with more benefits under the FlexShare program.

“The FlexShare program reinforces Flexjet’s position as the most customizable fractional jet ownership program in the industry, truly delivering on the promise of flexibility that its name inspires," she said.

Final Take

Erin Shea, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York