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Four Seasons takes private air travel to new heights in custom jet

April 24, 2019

Four Seasons Private Jet Four Seasons will be launching a new aircraft in 2021. Image credit: Four Seaons


Hospitality group Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts is taking to the skies with an updated private jet concept that aims to bring back the glamour of flying.

Four Seasons originally began flying in 2015 with a branded Boeing 757 (see story), but the hospitality brand is moving on to a fully customized Airbus 321 Neo in 2021. As the luxury hospitality industry continues to emphasize unique, bespoke experiences and upscale service, Four Seasons is looking to offer more engaging and enriching travel opportunities.

“When Four Seasons launched its private jet tours it was about collecting destinations, however, the industry now is about experiences, period, full stop,” said Doug Gollan, editor in chief of DG Amazing Experiences and, New York. “Being able to bring aboard naturalists and destination experts or master sommeliers provides the opportunity for deeper learning experiences.

“The plane is no longer just a nice way to get between Four Seasons hotels,” he said. “It’s now part of the experience.”

Mr. Gollan is not affiliated with Four Seasons but agreed to comment as an industry expert. Four Seasons was reached for comment.

Flying Four Seasons
Four Seasons collaborated with Airbus to best tailor the new aircraft for its guests. The jet has one of the widest and tallest cabins in its class and seats only 48 passengers, in addition to having a spacious lounge area.

In-flight workshops and demonstrations are a differentiating feature of the Four Seasons jet setting experience. Passengers will have the chance to personally interact with Four Seasons master chefs and mixologists, wellness experts and arts and culture aficionados.

Four Seasons Private Jet cabin

Inside the Four Seasons private jet. Image credit: Four Seasons

To provide guests with the best possible culinary experience, the Four Seasons jet includes an expanded galley for meal preparations using ingredients from each flight’s destination. An executive chef is part of the in-flight crew, along with a Four Seasons concierge, director of guest experience and physician.

For a touch of luxurious comfort, each handcrafted Italian leather seat offers more than 6 feet of personal space and can extend completely flat. Each seat is paired with an ottoman, and armrests include sleek, artisanal details.

Onboard lavatories are larger than on the original Four Seasons aircraft for added comfort and flexibility. The private spaces also serve as changing rooms and include a full-length mirror, a leather bench seat and toiletries for a more residential feel.

Four Seasons is introducing a new private jet

Air travel with Four Seasons is different than other private flying firms because its staff manages accommodations and the trip itinerary, including highly exclusive excursions and local recommendations.

To promote the upcoming aircraft, Four Seasons released a short film that details the inspiration, design and development behind the new jet.

Taking off
After Four Seasons saw a record breaking sales year in 2018 for its private air itineraries, the hospitality group has leaned into what it believes is a boom in the private air sector.

Four Seasons is sharing its collection of three private jet itineraries for the year 2020. The new lineup includes a rare trip to Rwanda and the Galápagos that is quickly becoming one of its coveted journeys, as well as another iteration of its World of Adventures experience (see story).

Additionally, Four Seasons is working with private aviation firm NetJets to launch new packages for greater bespoke travel.

Three new packages are now available for customers to personalize their travel plans in made-to-order style. Anguilla, Orlando and the Bahamas are a few of the destinations guests can visit via private air through NetJets with Four Seasons-style service (see story).

“Four Seasons private jet services strategic several purposes,” Mr. Gollan said. “It gives existing customers new buying opportunities, and it expands its reach across the luxury market.”