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Givenchy Beauty shares latest luxury with listeners worldwide

March 31, 2023

In light of the house's Gentleman Society fragrance launch, a new podcast is born -- French fashion journalist Pam Boy hosts “Givenchy Conversations.” Image credit: Givenchy In light of the brand's Gentleman Society fragrance launch, a new podcast is born. Image credit: Givenchy Beauty


LVMH-owned fashion house Givenchy is extending invites to unexpected guests, boosting a new men’s fragrance by way of a beloved broadcast medium.

In light of the product launch, a new podcast is born — French fashion journalist Pierre M’Pelé, who goes by Pam Boy, helms the series as its host. “Givenchy Conversations” highlights influential talents from across the globe, all of whom provide input on what masculinity means today, challenging outdated archetypes while lending layers of modernity to maison programming in the process.

Connecting the dots
Givenchy Beauty is sharing its latest luxury with listeners everywhere.

“Hi everyone, my name is Pierre M’Pelé, otherwise known as ‘Pam Boy,’ and this is the Gentleman Society podcast,” he says.

“This series highlights talents we admire because they shape culture, and inspire us to strive for passion but also for a positive impact on others.”

Mad Keys, in conversation with Pam Boy for Givenchy Beauty

After kicking off one of many episodes now live on major streaming platforms, and at, the exercise sees the reporter interviewing individual ambassadors of the house’s new cologne. American musician and producer Brandon McCadney, who uses the stage name Mad Keys, is one of those creative voices.

“Hip-hop comes from jazz and our guest today celebrates both genres by injecting into them his own creative flair and bringing about unique melodies,” says Mr. M’Pelé.

“His work is all about the encounter of classic and modern sounds such as R&B,” he says. “He is a sought-after producer, living on the East Coast whose authenticity is as soul-bearing as the rhythm he creates.”

Throughout the selection and in honor of the fragrance, Mad Keys shares his definition of elegance, the balancing act of wearing many different musical hats and his takes on what characteristics make a gentleman.

“I think it is the idea of a man who's essentially filled with love in a way that [is expressed] through all the things you do, the people you meet,” says Mad Keys.

“I'm thinking of how he's helping others, he's kind of this force of unconditional love.”

Sparking the series is Givenchy’s men’s fragrance, Gentleman Society, an olfactory experience offering bold, woody aromas with floral touches.

Ending on a similarly personal note, when prompted about whether or not there may be any messages to the world lingering in his arsenal, Mad Keys leaves the audience with solid advice.

“Get out of your head, don't overthink it,” he says.

“Don't be prideful and choose to love intentionally.”

Courtesy of the house
Givenchy’s podcast series is wholly representative of company creative director Matthew Williams’ approach.

With varying cultural elements and a signature “soft power” approach to gaining ground in terms of influence, it would arguably be harder to believe that the project was not swayed by the artistic lead's presence at the post in any way, shape or form.

In many ways, the podcasting effort aligns with the house’s history in a near-seamless manner, especially when considering how large of a role Givenchy has played in pushing the fashion zeitgeist forward.

As it turns out, Hubert de Givenchy was the first high fashion designer to create a luxury ready-to-wear clothing line in 1954 (see story).

This fashion “first” has since been followed by a number of other experimental feats (see story), the Givenchy way.