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How should luxury brands navigate creative shift on social media?

August 18, 2016

DKNY Instagram account DKNY Instagram account


As fashion houses make the transition from one creative director to another, the opportunity at a fresh start presents itself in both design and social media presence.

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2 thoughts on “How should luxury brands navigate creative shift on social media?”

  1. Rachel says:

    Thank you for sharing.

    I agree with “Freedom of Revising.” If luxury companies view their social media content as a billboard, then it only makes sense to allow the re invention of their message or brand! Just like users can change and take down personal content to revamp their own image. I recently had a friend loose a significant amount of weight and she has deleted all of her content from Instagram to start fresh! Fresh is the face of the future- I saw the luxury industry should focus on these re vamps for campaigning purposes.

  2. Carmen B says:

    I find it interesting that Ms. Andjelic says that Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram are all momentary and that nobody cares about a tweet from a month ago yet at the same time finds that deleting older posts from previous creative directors is a negative and disrespectful thing to do. This implies that people actually do care about content being deleted even if it was posted months or years ago.