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Jaguar proves I-Pace can go the distance in new spot

June 30, 2022

The power and performance behind the I-Pace made a believer of a Norwegian resident. Image credit: Jaguar


British automaker Jaguar Land Rover is illustrating the powerful ways in which an electric vehicle can complement the lives of drivers.

“Life with my I-PACE" introduces Nina, the electric vehicle's owner and a resident of Norway. The short film not only conveys the vast versatility of the vehicle, but also what its capabilities and power mean to its owner.

“This spot gives consumers a real-world look at a true EV customer and their authentic use-case,” said David Undercoffler, editor in chief at, San Francisco. “Rather than a slickly-produced spot showing the car in unrealistic circumstances, this gives potential Jaguar buyers a glimpse at how the I-Pace could fit into their own lives.

“Note that the Jag owner Nina explicitly mentions that she was originally worried about the car’s range but that wasn’t a concern once she owned it; that speaks directly to what our research has told us is a primary concern of all EV shoppers — the vehicle’s range,” he said. “So it’s no accident that this spot would address the issue.”

Norwegian rides
The vignette opens with Nina introducing herself, set against the scenic backdrop of Norway. As footage of expansive mountains permeates, she describes where she lives as the most beautiful place in the world.

In between additional shots of Norwegian nature, Nina explains her initial reservations about turning to an electric vehicle. Initially, she was apprehensive that an electric car would not have the range or battery capacity to take her the far distances she yearned, and needed, to travel.

Nina's I-Pace gets her to where she needs to be

Alongside footage of her charging her vehicle, she explains that she has to commute to Oslo to work, a drive of about 130 kilometers or 80 miles.

She discusses how she enjoys driving to work as the smooth sailing helps her to take in beautiful Norwegian landscapes.

Having owned the I-Pace for several years, Nina explains how the vehicle checks all her boxes — it is nice to drive, quiet and has the battery range to get her wherever she wants to go.

When describing how much she values her job, how much she values her vehicle also becomes apparent, as explains her love for traveling to the mountains to decompress.

Her I-Pace can get her to the beloved mountains, 220 kilometers or about 136 miles away, on a single charge.

As she drives through snowy mountains, it is also clear what the car is capable of and how it may respond and rise to the occasion regarding challenging weather conditions.

Although initially skeptical of an electric car, Nina loves her I-Pace. Image credit: Jaguar


Ostensibly, her vehicle holds an integral role in not only getting Nina where she needs to be but also in helping her maintain a well-rounded life.

“I just love my I-Pace and I’m so pleasantly surprised how easy it’s fitting into my lifestyle,” Nina says at the end of the film.

An electric surge
Electric vehicles are taking on an increasingly prominent role in the luxury automotive industry.

Brands are progressively spotlighting their electric offerings and sustainability initiatives in an effort to connect with environmentally conscious consumers.

Several automakers saw record-breaking sales in 2021, and more brands publicized announcements to go fully electric in the coming years. As the demand for cars remains strong, brands will continue fostering their electric offerings while using technology and ambassadors to reach new audiences (see story).

Last year, Jaguar Land Rover reimagined the future of modern luxury through sustainability efforts within its two distinct brands.

This effort marked the beginning of Jaguar Land Rover’s journey towards becoming a net-zero carbon business by 2039. With its “Reimagine” strategy, the company aims to create a new benchmark in environmental, societal and community impact for a luxury business (see story).

Jaguar’s latest spot starring the I-Pace is indicative of its continued forward-moving attitude.

“I’m not sure [the new spot] is necessarily consistent with Jag’s ethos, which is actually a good thing,” Mr. Undercoffler said. “Traditionally the brand identifies more with classic English luxury and performance; this is a more approachable take on sustainability.

“With Jaguar and most other luxury brands leaning heavily into full electrification in the coming years, it’s likely we’ll see more of this from Jag and rivals.”