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LG Signature collaborates with Italian influencers to expand brand reach

December 20, 2018

LG Signature Eleonora Carisi LG Signature is enlisting influencers for a new campaign in Italy. Image credit: LG Signature


Appliance and electronics brand LG Signature is turning to fashion and design influencers in a new campaign to share how its premium products fit into well-curated lifestyles.

LG Signature products include state-of-the-art appliances and electronics presented in a stylish and minimalist package. The appliance brand is emphasizing its design by partnering with influencers based in Milan, one of the world's fashion and design capitals.

International influencers
Among the creatives LG Signature is partnering with in Italy are television personality Federica Fontana, director Marco Bocci and fashion blogger Eleonara Carisi.

Each activation plays to each influencer's strengths and highlights the premium electronics and appliances.

Uberta Zambeletti with LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator

Store owner Uberta Zambeletti poses with a LG Signature refrigerator. Image credit: LG Signature

On social media, Ms. Fontana is sharing posts alongside LG Signature's washing machine. Mr. Bocci is enlisted to give his perspective on the brand's OLED television.

Ms. Carisi is collaborating with store owner Uberta Zambeletti to launch a video-photographic project on social media called “The Art of Essence.” This project leverages storytelling to emphasize product features that consumers can use from morning until night.

Twitter post from LG Signature

Promotional images show the Italian influencers posing alongside LG Signature products in fashion-forward outfits, again emphasizing the connection between design and luxury home products.

In another recent global effort, LG Signature also partnered with notable Germans in the design field in the buildup to Artweek in Frankfurt.

Creative experiences
LG Signature often collaborates with creatives and hosts immersive experiences to draw in consumers.

Pop-up House of LG Signature invites a variety of tastemakers and art enthusiasts to explore the experience created by four different artists. Each piece featured an LG Signature product in a work of art in the medium of that particular artist.

Following the art installations, guests will be able to interact with the products in a gallery format (see story).

LG Signature associated its products with a “metro classy lifestyle” through a previous influencer effort.

Through global partnerships with interior designers, architects and those in other design-related fields, LG Signature presented its creations as part of a broader luxury home environment. In addition to touting the functional purposes of its products, LG Signature also put the focus on the technologies' designs (see story).