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Louis Vuitton lets consumers behind-the-scenes with curated video footage

August 10, 2011

Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2011


French fashion label Louis Vuitton has added to its Fall/Winter 2011 campaign with a new behind-the-scenes video that explains the inspiration underpinning the photo shoot.

The video is narrated by Louis Vuitton creative director Marc Jacobs as he tells the story of the campaign. Many luxury brands, such as Jimmy Choo, have released behind-the-scenes videos for the Fall/Winter campaigns to engage consumers and tell a branded story.

“Louis Vuitton is a brand steeped in heritage and its leather goods are synonymous with well-crafted, high-grade leather that can endure the travels of a long journey or a series of errands,” said Kimmie Smith, founder of Kitten Lounge, New York.

“Regardless of the state of the global economy or what is considered on-trend, this brand is still a primary name and creates pieces that you are familiar with and that you still want to collect,” she said.

“The heritage of the brand and the sentiments of the video translate between use of product and discovery while thinking of the concepts of a journey and its intrinsic value.”

Kimmie Smith is not affiliated with Louis Vuitton, but agreed to comment as a third-party expert.

Puppy love

Louis Vuitton’s video starts with snapshots of a deserted New York and a man setting up a plain photoshoot set.

The screen then transitions to a head-and-shoulders shot of Mr. Jacobs. He begins by talking about the initial meeting between the brand, famed fashion photographer Steven Meisel and himself.

The three comprised this image of “beautiful, antique cars, little dogs and fresh-faced young women dressed in the Fall collection,” according to the video.

Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2011 campaign

The video then roams over the different cars, dogs and models that were used throughout the campaign.

The Fall/Winter campaign features these young models dressed in Louis Vuitton, holding their little dogs and traveling via chauffeured, antique car.

It is a classic scene that suggests travel and is definitely luxurious, but with a fresh and sometimes naughty tongue-in-cheek spin that comes through the use of the young models, according to the brand.

Mr. Jacobs leaves the video saying, “The younger woman. Wherever she is going she is dressed in style this season by Louis Vuitton.”

The video then spends a full minute zooming in and out of different shots from the campaign.

“While taking a journey and learning about yourself, it requires you to think of all the things that are connected with you, to analyze what is important and how you value items,” Ms. Smith said.

“This campaign says the same about Louis Vuitton," she said.

Louis Vuitton's behind-the-scenes video with Marc Jacobs

Insider hook

The brand posted the video on its branded Facebook page Aug. 9.

Within the first 35 minutes of the video going live, it received more than 500 “likes" on Facebook. This number more than tripled within the first hour to reach 2,111 “likes.”

Louis Vuitton is the second-leader in the luxury segment on Facebook with more than 3 million fans.

The brand extended the video’s reach even further by posting the video on its branded Youtube channel and tweeting the link to the brand’s 57,258 followers.

The young women and the social media hook make it appear that Louis Vuitton is most likely looking to engage a younger, affluent crowd.

Many luxury brands have been using video and social media to spread their message to fans and followers, many of whom are aspirational consumers, likely because video provides a unique and immersive way to share a brand’s history.

Behind-the-scenes videos allow aspirational consumers to feel connected with the brand, whether they have purchased a product or not.

For example, Jimmy Choo also released a behind-the-scenes video narrated by creative director Tamara Mellon, explaining the Fall/Winter campaign while on set at the photoshoot (see story).

“Behind-the-scenes videos create a connection, provide something extra and create a shared story,” Ms. Smith said.

“They provide the opportunity for the brand to state their message simply, while allowing the user to digest what is being said [because] the less messages that are stated, the more effective the content,” she said.

“[Videos] allow the user to step outside of their overstimulated environment to ponder what's coming from one source, allowing them to feel more aligned [with] and catered to, which is the ultimate luxury.”

Final Take
Rachel Lamb, associate reporter on Luxury Daily, New York