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Loupe spins art viewing through digital hub

August 15, 2017

Loupe's digital art hub. Image credit: Loupe


International art enthusiasts will now be able to appreciate works of art in an innovative manner thanks to a new Apple TV application.

Loupe is a digital hub that allows users to stream various works of art through an Apple TV or computer. Users can have Loupe as a backdrop and conversation starter or use it for a way to discover new pieces.

Streaming art
Described as Spotify for art, Loupe was created by former music producer Dot Bustelo. Ms. Bustelo developed the idea for the app from her producing career in which she would play old films without the sound as a backdrop in the office.

Speaking to New York magazine's The Cut, Ms. Bustelo explained that the films made everyone in the office more comfortable and acted as a conversation starter. When thinking about the number of people who stream music, she got the idea for people to stream art.

Loupe is currently the most downloaded lifestyle app on Apple TV, allowing users to stream various pieces of art on their televisions from up-and-comers.

The app benefits both users and the artists, who are able to grow their audience and sell pieces.

Loupe requires no log in and allows users to immediately start streaming. The home page features various playlist-like categories such as “living creatures,” “tranquil impressions,” “abstract” and “hyper real.”

Each grouping streams a variety of pieces in a loop, allowing users to control the speed of how fast the works of art change. Interested users can click on a piece to learn more about the artwork.

Details will list the painting’s title, artist and prices. On this screen, users can select “buy this art” to purchase through Loupe’s platform.

Users can purchase either the original piece or prints.

Art innovation
Art is becoming increasing intertwined with digital.

For instance, Japanese cosmetics brand Shiseido is supporting an innovative project that using nature as fine art without hurting the environment.

Luxury brands look to both the art world and advanced technology to create high-end experiences that wow their affluent consumers. Shiseido’s latest sponsorship looks to both of these sectors as it supports teamLab’s most-recent art exhibit (see more).

Also, online art destination Artsy teamed with Microsoft for an immersive mixed-reality experience at The Armory Show 2017 March 2-5 in New York.

Held on Piers 92 and 94, The Armory Show is an annual art fair displaying important works from 20th and 21st century artists. During The Armory Show, organizers use technological innovations to showcase artist’s works through events and exhibitions throughout New York (see more).